The 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners

The new toy craze to hit the market is the Fidget Spinner. Kids are going crazy for this new little gadget, and according to a lot of reports, parents and teachers are starting to go crazy, too, just not for the same reason. These little gadgets are hand-held toys that were originally designed to be marketed with autistic children but they took hold in the general public as well, and now, everyone is wanting one.

One of the issues autistic children deal with, is fidgety hands. There are times they feel nervous, frustrated, stressed, or have other things going on that they feel the need to have something to do with their hands. Having an item in their hand to fidget with can be soothing and relieve stress – calm children who feel anxious. Fidgets spinners aren’t the first fidget toys ever made. There are many types available that have proven to be useful to both children and adults who need the calming effect of a hand fidgeting release toy. The Fidget Spinner is a bit different than most other hand fidget gadgets, however, and it has been causing quite a stir in the stores, the news, homes, and schools.

How does a Fidget Spinner work?

The Fidget Spinner is a small item that has a stable middle, along with two or more discs that spin like a ceiling fan’s paddles when the center is pressed. Spinners that are really good, may continue to spin for several minutes. It feels good to the hand, satisfying, to be able to do this, for those who suffer with fidgety hands. It keeps your hand busy to help your release your nervous energy.

What’s the draw?

Fidget Spinners are made of different materials, depending on the company, from aluminum to smooth silicone. They are also made in different colors, have different patterns, and some may display different emoji’s. There are even accessories that are available for the spinners, which gives them an even bigger attraction. The look and action of the spinner combined, have drawn an attraction like only some toys will see. Manufacturers of the Fidget Spinners are all having a hard time meeting the demand of the public, and stores are running out, having to tell customers they are sold out, and wait for a re-stock.

Why parents and teachers aren’t fond of the spinners

Teachers put a lot of effort into teaching their classes every day. One thing they want most, is the full attention of their students so that they feel like they are listening and learning, and their time is not being wasted. Teachers feel like the spinners have become a big distraction to students, in the classroom, and in school. They feel that the students are not just using the spinners as the purpose they were intended for, but just for play. They have become more focused on the toy, then on the teacher and on classwork. Even more, there have been reports of students getting injured by the spinners, as some kids are choosing to use the fan action to get too rough with their friends and peers. Because of all the drama and problems teachers have been having, many schools have opted to ban spinners at school. Students are fighting back and petitioning for the ban to be dropped.

Price of a Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners range widely in price. You can find cheap spinners on eBay for as little as $4, while other spinners are selling for in the hundreds. With the prices of the Fidget Spinners so varied, you may want to know which ones are considered the cheapest and which ones are considered the most expensive. If you are not familiar with the Fidget Spinners yet, and what ones might break the bank, we will take a look at some of the most popular spinners on the market and list ten of the most expensive Fidget Spinners on the market.

1. Sunnytech 1PC Fidget Spinner Toy

This is a ceramic ball bearing spinners made of R188 Silicon Nitride (Si3N4). The bearings should not be used with a lubricant or it will cause resistance. Instead, clean the bearing with alcohol regularly to prevent dust build-up. The main body is Stainless Steel and it weighs 85 g. The spin time for this spinner is about 120 seconds and it sells for $189.00.

2. Weiheng Customized Steel Fidget Spinner

The Weiheng Customized Steel Fidget Spinner is one that you hold in one hand and strike with the other to get it spinning. Spin time is 2-5 minutes depending on your level of play skills. It is made of stainless steel and weighs about 127 grams. It is recommended, that to preserve the life of the bearing, to clean it using alcohol on a regular basis. This Fidget Spinner sells for $199.99.

3. Alpha Spinner

The Alpha spinner is one of the premium spinners that has styling that hasn’t been seen before in other spinners. It was expertly crafted using a CNC machined technique from 954 bearing bronze. The buttons are stainless steel and hold full Silicon Nitrite ceramic bearing. The pocket top is interchangeable with the base button. This spinner sells for $200.00

4. Ti EDC Hand Finger Spinner

Hold this spinner in your hand and push the center button to get it to spin. Small and discrete, this spinner is only 60mm high, 60mm wide and has a depth of 11mm. The spinner weighs 130g and has an iridescent look to the metal. Do not use oil or lubricants on this spinner’s ball bearing as it will cause resistance and will not spin correctly. Alcohol only is recommended to clean the ball bearing to remove dirt and dust. This spinner sells for $254.10.

5. Crusader – Bronze

The Crusader spinner, in bronze, has a length of 66mm and a weight of 58-60 grams. It is made of 37-38 grams of titanium, but total materials used for this spinner are bronze and titanium. It was designed with hybrid ceramic 688 bearings that are removable. The length of the spinner is 66mm and is typically a hand spun spinner, but has the capability of table of spins. The buttons are screw-on and there are 12 rivets on each side (a total of 48 in all). Spin time for the Crusader is: Bronze – About 4 minutes, and Titanium – About 3 minutes. This spinner sells for $260.00.

6. Turbine Spinner

The Turbine Fidget Spinner is made of grade 2 pure titanium. The main body structure is 12mm thick, and is 18mm thick at the buttons. It was designed with ceramic bearings and it measures 38mm in width, and 75mm in length. This Fidget Spinner sells for $279.00.

7. Black Lotus Tri Spinner

The Black Lotus Tri Spinner is constructed of Sintered stainless steel that is infused with bronze. The thickness of the spinner is 10.3mm and the bearings used are R188, 6.35mm ID x 12.7mm OD x 4.736mm thick, and are hybrid ceramic. The body is all one piece with 2 buttons to activate spinning. It is capable of table spins and has a spin radius of 25mm (1 inch). The Black Lotus sells for $300.00.

8. Weiheng Customized Hand Spinner 925 Silver Fidget

This Weiheng Customized Hand Spinner is made of stabilized wood along with a SKF hybrid ceramic bearing. The spin time will depend on your skill, but it has the ability to spin between 1 and 4 minutes. To get this spinner to spin, hold the spinner in one hand and strike it with the other. This spinner sells for $339.99.

9. Silver Fidget Spinner by Sunnytech

This fidget spinner sells for about $459.00 and is 65mm in length, 34mm in width, and 9mm thick. It weighs 110 grams and is made of Silicon nitride bearings, 925 sterling silver, rivet. Spin time for this fidget spinner is about 6 minutes. The silver weight is 99.1 g. It is recommended to clean the bearing with alcohol regularly to keep dust away, which can affect how it spins. Hold the spinner with one hand and spin it rapidly with the other to keep it going, giving it regular strikes.

10. 9 Gear

The 9 Gear is silver in color and is small, and undetectable in the hand, for fidgety hands that need something to do. Push the button on this fidget toy, to get it to spin. The spinner is 62mm deep, 18.7mm high, and 62mm wide. It weighs just 118g and is made of Aluminum, with 9 brass gears. This spinner sells for $600.




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