The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2017

If you’re looking for a new career with a high-paying salary to feed your thirst for a lavish lifestyle, or just interested in the careers that make the most money here in America, there are definitely plenty of careers that will bring you a hefty paycheck and help you to achieve the kind of lifestyle you want. After researching the highest paying jobs here in America for 2017, it is clear that the majority of the jobs that fall in the highest paying jobs are in the medical field. Most of us know that doctors do make good money, but some fields of medicine make quite a bit more than others. Of course, there are other fields of work that can also bring in a big income if you aren’t interested in medicine. So, let’s take a look at what these jobs are. Here are the top paying jobs in America for 2017.

1. Physician

At the top of the list, number one, highest paying job in America is a physician, and specifically an anesthesiologist. According to statistics nationwide, a board certified Anesthesiologist makes an average of $350,000 a year. The median salary for physicians in general, however, is approximately $237,868 per year. Of course, ultimately the salary will be determined by what area of medicine you get into as well as where you live. Physicians in bigger cities will make more than doctors in smaller towns and cities.

2. Attorney

Attorneys come in second in the salary rank. On average, attorneys make $102,291 per year. What kind of salary you make as an attorney also has stipulations. Your salary can vary depending on a few factors: what area of law you get into, where you live, how many clients you take on, and whether you are board certified or not.

3. Data Scientist

A data scientist is the field also regarded as data-driven science. and is an interdisciplinary field that analyzes scientific methods, systems and process to pull knowledge or insights from data in a variety of forms using both, structured an unstructured methods. This is used to analyze data and understand it better. It is a difficult technique that requires special skills and techniques using knowledge in many fields, including, mathematics, information science, and computer science. These are highly trained and intelligent individuals, and depending on the amount of schooling and training, Data Scientists can move up in their field and specialize, to earn higher salaries.

4. Tax Manager

Tax managers are responsible for preparing and reporting all tax information in compliance with the different laws of the local, state and federal tax laws within the organization that they work for. The tax manager must complete the taxes for the company they work for in a thorough manner as accurate as possible, while finding deductions and minimizing the risks of audits for the company. It can be a very grueling job, especially for tax managers that work for large corporations dealing with details such as internal public offerings (IPO’s), mergers and acquisitions. The bigger the corporation and position, typically the higher the salary, but the median salary for a tax manager is $92,588 a year.

5. Product Manager

There are a lot of different types of companies that need product managers to help keep the products the company makes, as high quality of products as possible by utilizing all product quality control methods. There is a lot of detailed work involved with inspections and data assessments and much more. A college degree is required, and depending on what type of company you work for, your salary can vary, however, the median salary for a product manager is $91,499 annually.

6. College Professor

Most of us have had a college professor and we know what they do. They teach at big colleges and universities. Many of them have their doctorate in education and related fields and some work their way up the ladder from smaller educational environments to college level. It can be a stressful job, depending on the class load they manage as well as the type of university. The median salary for a professor is $87,632 a year.

7. Software Engineer

Software engineers have been a booming business for years. In the computer age, computer software engineers are always needed. They are responsible for creating computer programs and software that is compliant with what its need and function is. Different types of companies need different types of software programs. They know how to formulate specific data and technical info to create functioning computer programs for specific operations. A degree in computer science is one of the degrees needed for software engineering and the median salary for this field is $86,531 a year.

8. Java Developer

Java developers are educated in, and specialize in computer programming language. Java is a specialized computer language that uses as few implementation dependencies as possible. Java is one of the most popular computer program languages used today. It can operate on all platforms that support the Java computer language, and it runs on any Java virtual machine without needing to readapt the program. Javas developers can earn on average, $78,448 annually.

9. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists go to college to get their degree in physical therapy. They can work independently or in a hospital or physical therapy facility. They work with patients who need to rehab, (strengthen and regain mobility) a part of the body that has been injured, had surgery or suffers from another issue that has rendered it unusable, or caused limited mobility. The average yearly salary for a physical therapist is $77,198.

10. Project Manager

Project managers oversee the company’s big projects that are happening and trying to be put together. They handle all of the details of the project, put meetings together for the different departments that are involved in the project, and assign smaller project details and tasks to others. They are the ones who are responsible for making a company’s projects coming together smoothly. They must understand multiple types of computer programs, such as spread sheets, Excel, and more. An average yearly salary for a project manager $75,640 and will vary depending on the company, experience and other factors.


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