10 Powerboats That Are Perfect For the Boating Enthusiast


A speedboat is one of the more “fun” premium luxury items you can possess.  If you want to cruise the seven seas in style and quickly, you might consider a powerboat.  Size is probably the first thing most people consider when shopping for a speedboat but make sure to ensure you have the ideal measurements in mind as well as checklist to bring your actual requirements into focus. Of course the engine is vital and you should never underestimate the quality of the interior.

Manufacturers and boat dealers will fight tooth and nail to win you over, but as long as you have a checklist of your top priorities you can never go wrong.  With that said, here are 10 speed boats you’ll never, ever go wrong with.

1.Wally 118


Wally Yachts are extremely desirable, despite the odd name – and the flagship only takes the merits of the marquee to the extreme. With a horsepower of 17,000, courtesy of 3 gas turbines, this mesmerizing powerboat can reach 60 knots with a soft ride through the swell slicing, vertical bow shape that allows you to spend long hours crossing dynamic seascapes at a severe lick. The amazing 118 also comes with high end cruising luxuries and, just like the other Wally fleets, it is deliriously cool. The Wally 118 goes for US$ 22 million for the twin diesels, or US$33 million for the three-gas turbine.

2. Riva 63 Virtus


The Riva brand is very popular with powerboaters, so when the company introduced the Riva 63 Virtus, it was guaranteed a spot on the top 10 list. It offers a garage for the tender, 2 large sundecks, and generous accommodation – all incorporated in a lovely cocktail of leather, polish, oak, and smugness. General specs include:

  • Engine – MAN V12 – 1400
  • Engine horsepower – 1400
  • Cruise speed – 35 (kn)
  • Maximum speed – 40.5 (kn)

Price tag – US$ 2,061,129

3. Goldfish 50 Ocean


Goldfish is likely the most famous because of its rip snorting endurance RIBs, but its new 50 Ocean is a pretty hard boat. It was originally designed as a fast offshore cruiser, and already boasts “European Powerboat of the Year” – and it is easy to see why. The standard rig (with 740 horsepower sterndrives) can hit 50 knots, without including the twin 1,120 horsepower FPTs running surface drivers, which can easily boost the performance to 60 knots. With the pedigree and styling to operate as a very cool standalone cruiser or a super-yacht tender, this is a great way to lose a small fortune. The base boat with the smaller engine will set you back about 628,000 Euros, while the bigger-engine version can cost about 723,000 Euros or around $1.3 million.

4. Mochi Craft Dolphin 74 Cruiser

Mochi Craft-Dolphin 74 Cruiser

This is a very practical powerboat that is capable of driving 330 nautical miles with 18 people on board, at approximately 26 knots. Compared to the former Maxi Dolphin version, this 74 cruiser has a longer fly-bridge and more spacious internals, in addition to 4 cabins that include a full beam master suite. Interestingly though, the sheer loveliness of the boat is what makes this powerboat so desirable, as opposed to its practicality. The quality of the craftsmanship and the clarity of the lines on this complex gentleman’s cruiser are first rate. What’s more, if the standard MTU 10 V 2000 M92 twin engines are not enough, you can upgrade to MTU 10 V 2000 M94 pairs for a maximum end of about 32 knots.

The price tag is about US$ 2,193,555

5. The 50 foot AMG GTS (from Cigarette Racing Team)


Cigarette is a renowned powerboat brand, and the 50’ Marauder model is probably the largest powerboat production in its lineup for the last twenty years. The AMG GTS was a result of collaboration with AMG – the high performance division of Mercedes Benz. This boat is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing engines (with 1,550 hp), and can hit speeds of up to 140mph.

Price tag: $1.2 million

6. Skater 46 Race Pleasure

The Skater 46 has been notoriously branded “the Rolls Royce of offshore speedboats”, probably thanks to its luxurious cockpit accommodations and sumptuous cabin. However, the most unbelievable attributes of this boat is its incredible comfort, handling, and smooth ride at speeds of up to 150mph. There is probably no other boat with the same comfort and performance as the “Supreme”. General specifications include:[/caption]

  • 400 to 1000 galons fuel capacity
  • Weight – 6500 lbs
  • Tunnel width – 66 inches; length – 45 feet, 7 inches
  • Tunnel height – 42 inches; Beam – 12 feet

Price tag: $279,000

7. Bayliner 285 Cruiser


The Bayliner 285 is a great sport number, offering a smooth finish and sleek lines. It extends more than 28’ in length, and will provide you with everything you need to ensure a smooth ride with utmost confidence. Its premium driving seat has enough room to accommodate up to 6 people. It also features several portholes and skylights that ensure the boat is an extremely airy and light cabin.

Price tag: $110,000

8. Atlantis 42


This superior powerboat has a striking design and generous space for entertainment. In addition to its great performance, Atlantis 42 also comes with 2 separate living areas, as well as 2 Volvo Penta D6 – 330 hp diesel-powered engines, air conditioning, a mase-made generator, and a variety of modern conveniences. It comes with leather sofas, a plasma TV with a CD player, and a host of luxurious materials. In terms of navigation, the Atlantis 42 offers a Raymarine auto pilot, a dedicated high range GPS plotter, and a Raymarine radar. With a staggering price tag of $362,000, this is definitely a great way to make an impression.

9. Birchwood 380


The Brichwood 380 boasts a Volvo Penta engine computer management system, and offers several impressive features, including a forty liter water heater. The boat comes with a powerful subwoofer and speaker system, luxury teak flooring, and navigation lights that completes the general appearance. You can relax and chill out at the saloon style lounge with cherry wood cabinets and cream leather banquettes, as well as a CD player and iPod stereo. It is powered by a pair of 300 hp Volvo Penta D4 diesel-operated engines that produce 32 knots via Shaft drive.

Price tag: $380,000

10. Sealine F450


The F Series F450 is definitely the way to go if you are looking for size. There is plenty of room for entertainment, and up to 6 extra seats on the outdoors where you can actually dine. It also comes with a luxurious, imposing interior, and a sunbathing deck. You can admire the sophisticated furnishings and premium wood finishes that will make you feel right at home at a general price tag of $510,000.

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