10 Reasons To Visit Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is an Indonesian national park that encompasses three islands of note as well as a number of smaller islands that can be found in the Lesser Sunda Islands. On the whole, it is famous for its biodiversity on both land and sea, though it is important to note that it has other attractions as well. Here are 10 reasons that interested individuals should pay a visit to Komodo National Park in the Lesser Sunda Islands:

Found in a Fascinating Country

Of course, Komodo National Park possesses plenty of upsides for people who pay a visit. However, it is important to note that it is situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands, which in turn, means that it can be found in the country of Indonesia. This is relevant because Indonesia is a fascinating country with a wide range of sites of interest, meaning that people who visit Komodo National Park aren’t limited to just the attractions that can be found therein.

Low Costs

Speaking of which, Indonesia is a country with very reasonable prices, which makes it an excellent choice for people with a wide range of economic circumstances. Granted, prices are somewhat higher in popular tourist areas, but for the most part, they remain quite affordable.

Komodo Dragons

Given the name, some people might be curious about whether Komodo National Park is home to the Komodo Dragon or not. If so, they are right to be curious because the largest lizards on the planet can indeed be found therein. As a result, the Komodo Dragons are one of the top attractions of Komodo National Park for those who are interested in wild animals, not least because their status as apex predators lend them a dangerous sort of charisma.

Interesting Ecosystems

Of course, the Komodo Dragons are far from being the sole animals of interest that can be found in Komodo National Park. The ecosystems contained therein serve as home to a remarkable range of birds, mammals, and other reptiles, with some outstanding examples including but not limited to the Timor deer, the fruit bat, and the orange footed scrub fowl.

Marine Ecosystems

Speaking of which, Komodo National Park is part of the region called the Coral Triangle, which is as its home suggests, home to a remarkable number of coral reefs because of the remarkable number of reef-building coral species. In turn, this means that the region is home to numerous marine species, which can make a visit most memorable.

Pleasing Climate

Some people might be unenthusiastic about visiting Indonesia because the rain-prone climate in some parts. However, they should know that Komodo National Park is one of the driest places in the entire country, as shown by the fact that it gets minimal precipitation in eight out of twelve months. With that said, they should also know that Komodo National Park does indeed experience the monsoon.

Pink Beach

Most people have heard of white sand beaches, but white sand beaches are by no means as rare as pink sand beaches. Pink Beach in Komodo National Park is one of seven that can be found in the entire world, thus making it a sight of rare beauty that combines well with its other attractions.

Mesa Island Village

It is not uncommon for tourists to take an interest in how local peoples live. As a result, if people are interested in learning more about the Bajau people, they should on over to Mesa Island, where some of them still live in a traditional manner. This should provide interested individuals with insight into the Bajau people as well as a very different way of life compared to what they are used to.

Kalong Island

Kalong is a name that refers to giant fruit bats. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Kalong Island is home to a lot of giant fruit bats. Due to this, some people head to the location for the chance to watch sunset, which results in the spectacular sight of countless giant fruit bats heading out.

Padar Island

People who are willing to spent two to three hours mountain-climbing can head to the highest peak on Padar Island, which will offer them a spectacular look at the surrounding land as well as the sea that stretches beyond. Suffice to say that this makes for magnificent viewing, which comes with a side benefit of providing excellent opportunities for photo-taking.

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