10 Things You Should Know About Quick Take Doplr

There are thousands of people all across the globe who rely on the help of a watch to get them on track of time and ready to hit their daily routine. There are also thousands of people all across the globe that are suffering from heart health issues and diseases, causing them grief with numerous appointments that they have to keep track of just the same. Fortunately for these people that are affiliated with both issues during their day to day routine, a company in France has taken the watch to a whole new level, developing the Quick Take Doplr. Not only is the watch innovative and mesmerizing, but it will also help many people who face distress from their heart health every year. In this article, we are going to get into more detail about the Quick Take Doplr, and what you can expect to see in this innovative technology. With that said, let’s get started.

Developed By French Doctors

Yes, the small brand of these Doplr watches was created by a team of French doctors who saw the need for a watch that made the task of taking a patient’s pulse much simpler. Their effective and innovative design only adds to the credibility of this watch’s greatness.

Reading Heart Rate

Sure, there are many different types of pulsometer scales and other similar technologies that we have seen over the years; However, this watch truly allows for doctors to read the specific patient’s pulse as well as their respiration rate at the same time thanks to synchronized technology. The doctor who is wearing it will simply have to count out the five breaths or fifteen heartbeats that they must and look at their watch for the answer clearly spelled out.

Limited Availability

As with many unique watches and other pieces that we commonly see, this Doplr watch is also on a limited availability basis. There are only 300 separate units that have been made as of now, and they are even individually numbered for authenticity.

Self Setting

This watch is also self winding and self setting, making it easy to adjust from patient to patient when in use throughout the hospital or triage that you may be working. The sweep hand that you will follow to read the pulse measurements is typically always set at the starting point for both pulse and respiratory rates.


Not only is this watch nice to look at with its beautiful design, it is also extremely durable. In fact, this watch has even been put to the test, and can withstand anything that comes its way, including blood, water, and other bodily fluids that are commonly seen in the medical field. The watch was built to be resistant to water up to 100 meters, and is also constructed with stainless steel for that finished look.

Difference Between A Chronograph

The one downside when doctors were using chronographs before was how it operates. With most chronographs, it does require two hands in order to activate and to measure the chronograph itself. Although this might not be bothersome to everyone, it can cause some difficulty when trying to use it in some instances. That’s where the Doplr Pulse Watch comes into play, as it doesn’t require that necessity for two hands to maneuver and measure the necessary aspects that you are trying to look at on the patient.


The team of doctors that developed the idea for this watch actually gained inspiration from that of a pulsometer watch that was created by Dr. John Floyer way back in the year 1707. The French doctors teamed up with Swiss watchmakers to come up with their classic and innovative design that is more prominent in the 21st century.


Along with its unique numbered individuality that we will see in this limited availability grouping of the Doplr watches, the makers will also personally engrave each owners name that purchases their own watch onto the stainless steel casing of the watch itself. This adds a truly unique and amazing aspect to this incredible watch and pulsometer duo.

The Doplr Club

When you purchase your own personal Doplr Pulse-Watch, you will also be given the opportunity to join the Doplr Club. This club allows for its members to take part in giving their own opinions and ideas when it comes to future designs for similar watches in the future, as well as to get the inside scoop on developments that are already taking place.

Charitable Notions

This is the best part of the Doplr Pulse-Watch. When one of the limited 300 watches is purchased with the initial launch, a portion of that price that is paid will be donated to Medicins Sans Frontieres, also known as Doctors Without Borders. The fact that they are donating a portion of their proceeds to a medical charitable cause makes for a wonderful company that is making excellent strides in their industry.

After reading about all of the innovations that this watch enables for doctors everywhere, you can’t help but be excited to see what lies in store for this small French company. We look forward to seeing all of the progress and enhancements that are made on their watch designs in the future, and hope that this helps to make significant strides in healthcare for patients all across the globe.

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