The 20 Costliest Hurricanes in World History

Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and brought the most devastating flooding in the history of the State. It was a multiple impact storm that seemed to back up, rebuild and take another run at the state. Following right behind the mega storm was hurricane Irene. This massive hurricane headed through the Leeward Islands and took aim on Florida. Although the impacts were not as great as feared, there was still devastation and flooding in the keys and on the mainland.  And finally, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in what is considered to be the region’s worst natural disaster in history.  It will be some time before the extent and cost of the damages are fully known for these three storms. We do, however, have the figures in for some of the other major hurricanes in history.

Here are the 20 costliest and most devastating hurricanes in world history, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

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