The 20 Highest Paid Soccer Players in 2017

Soccer is one of the most popular league sports in the world. Fans come out in droves to watch their favorite teams play. The competition at times becomes so intense, that fights have been known to break out among the spectators. People take their soccer quite seriously. The sport, much like American football, is a high dollar industry. It brings in billions of dollars annually for team owners.

This initiates a drive among teams in the various leagues to seek out players with the very best potential to hurtle their teams to victory. Winning means success and there is a price tag associated with it. Teams are willing to pay top dollar for upping the odds on having a winning team, or at least an excellent season. This is why there is so much competition and why there are so many players lured away from one team to join another. Who wouldn’t go where they would make more money for doing the same things?

We count bonuses as a part of the annual salary because this is how it is viewed in the eyes of the tax-man. We’ve separated the endorsement money given by sponsors to show you the breakdown, but it has been included in the final annual earning amount, because it is directly related to their involvement in the sport. Successful players who are top notch performers in the sport are handsomely compensated for their participation.

Here are the 20 highest paid soccer players in 2017:

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