The 20 Richest Boxers in History

One of the most brutal, savage, and entertaining sports in the world is boxing.  Boxing is also far and away one of the most profitable.  While only a handful of boxers can earn critical acclaim and fortune in their profession, if you make it to the top, boxing is 100% the sport that earns the most money per time spent in the ring.  The richest boxers in the world earn more money per minute than just about any big sport in the world combined.

In some cases a boxer can take home literally 9 figures in a night that lasts all of 2 minutes.  Why such a payoff?  Gambling and promoting.  No other sports commands the amount of action Vegas receives as much as boxing does.  Also, no other sport brings in as much Pay Per View money as boxing does.  So how much money is A LOT of money in boxing?  Glad you were thinking that too.

We’ve gone through the archives to list the 20 richest boxers in the history of the sport.  Some of these may very well surprise you:


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