The 20 Richest Golfers of All-Time

Golfing is a favorite pastime for many people. The sport dates back to the 17th century with the place of origin being question, although, Scotland has the closest claim to its origin. It is the sport that requires you to hit a small white ball with a club, in the fewest strokes as possible, into a cup that is situated, and set into shortly cropped grass, called a green. The cups follow a fairway in consecutive order from 1 to 18 with the typical course running more than 6,000 feet long. It is a difficult game and requires patience and a lot of skill, but there are those who have mastered the game, and to prove their skill, they enter into competitions. Those who have exceptional skill will try to go pro. Like with most sports, there is a pro golfing league and when the pros play, they play for big bucks, with many of  the competitions paying out over $500,000, however, the coveted trophy and win, is the U.S. Open. If you can claim that title, you take home over $1 million dollars. If you have ever wondered who the richest players were in the sport, keep reading to find out who the 20 richest golfers of all-time are.

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