The 2018 Cadillac CTS-V: What You Need to Know

The most well-known name in American luxury cars is Cadillac. The brand has even found its way into popular speech, and is often used as a synonym for “best-of” or “top” (i.e., the Cadillac of your item here). This is an appropriate usage of the brand, as the cars that they produce are the best of the best. One of Cadillac’s most famous lines is the CTS-V, a high-performance variety of their proprietary CTS model. Ranking among the Audi RS6, BMW M5, and Mercedes E63 AMG, the CTS-V is one of the best luxury sedans available on the market.

The most recent CTS-V, the 2018 model, is no exception. It has improved even further on the tried-and-true CTS-V formula, and boasts a lot of top-of-the-line features. It is notable for being a better value than some other luxury sedans, and it comes in at about $20,000 less than cars of similar designs. If you are considering purchasing one of these cars, you should research everything there is to know about them. Of course, this year’s CTS-V is shaping up to be one of the best models so far. Read on to learn a little more about this supersedan.

The Body

The very first thing you will notice about the 2018 CTS-V is the aggressive looks that it displays. The car looks like it is ready to attack (and, as you will find out later, it pretty much is). Feeding into the aggressive looks of this car are the vented hood, flared fenders, and side air inlets. Plus, the car is equipped with a huge spoiler that is less than subtle. The lines on the 2018 CTS-V are mostly angular, with curves in just the right places. It just looks fast. If you roll up to a stoplight in this car, expect people to try to race you. It is not a vehicle that is any good for maintaining a low profile.

The Motor and Transmission

This car barks and bites. The supercharged 640-hp 6.2-liter V8 motor has a sweet exhaust note when you let the throttle open. Plus, the crazy amount of power and torque make this ride take off with even the lightest application of the gas pedal. The motor in this car is the same as the one used in the C7 Corvette Z06. It is more horsepower than most other production sedans, and is more than enough to get the job done. This car may have four doors, but it is definitely suitable for a day at the track. Just don’t get too tempted to open it up on a highway – which will be easier said than done.

This car is also equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The gear ratios are perfect for the car’s power, and the changes are fluid and smooth. This transmission is designed for high horsepower applications, so it should prove reliable for years to come.

The Suspension and Drivetrain

As with other CTS-V models, the 2018 version will be rear-wheel drive. This is where the spoiler will come in handy – it will provide the downforce needed to keep this car steady at incredibly high speeds. Oh, right: this car will max out at at least 200 miles per hour. The 2018 CTS-V also includes a magenetorheological suspension – that is, a fluid-based and magnetically-tempered system. This suspension system keeps the ride smooth and civilized, despite the barbaric speeds that the car is capable of. Plus, it helps with turning at high speeds.

Speaking of turning, the steering in this car is a bit hefty to use. However, it is incredibly accurate and feels solid, even when making turns at considerable speeds. Even stock, this steering system would be perfectly fine for racing events.

The Price

When you first look at the price of the 2018 CTS-V, you might think that it is rather steep at $86,495. However, this car offers tremendous value for the money. It will also hold this value rather well, as it is a great example of a luxury car. Another thing to consider is the pricing of similar cars. When the BMW M5 comes in at $102,600, for example, the Cadillac starts to look like a bargain.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a luxury four-door, the CTS-V is a good choice. It has aggressive looks with a beast of a motor to back it up. The suspension is high-tech and smooth, while the turning is effective. On the other hand, this is not a good choice for manual transmission enthusiasts as this car is available only with the eight-speed automatic.

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