Four Digital Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs

The Internet has become a global market where consumers buy and learn about products sold by companies, and the businesses market their products and compare prices with their competitors. It’s an ever-dynamic world where emerging concepts keep changing.

When using online marketing, you need strategies that will see your business grow to heights that you could reflect great profits. Therefore, we can say that digital strategy of marketing is a sequential plan of actions that you can set for your business growth via the internet.

How Can You Build a Successful Digital Strategy?

Building a success digital strategy may seem overwhelming, but when you break it down it’s very simple to put together. Ultimately, it will depend on your audience, goals and what channels are available.

Understand Your Target Audience

You need to create an ideal customer for your products. That means you should approach the digital persona through various channels either questionnaire, interviews or even taking a thorough survey of the market environment. It’s important to note that this data is essential as real data collected and not speculative data and should include quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Define Your Goals

Goals are created to be achieved, by having enough leads it’s equally easier to attain them. Set monthly, quarterly or yearly goals that will guide your business. Select the best tools, e.g., ads, blogs to help you generate that business pipeline.

What Channels Are Available?

It’s of importance to first do your research and rely on facts from the field than being surprised when your strategies fail to work out. Check on your already owned media within your company, the earned media already at hand done by the PR or word of mouth paid advertisements by the company.

If you already have your owned media then its time to conduct an audit – it’s essential as it will help see the impact already in the media and what exactly could trigger the leads.

Auditing the earned media – try to compare your previous and current achievements, from the two it’s easier to identify where you shall focus.

What paid media do you have? Audit it or plan for one if you don’t have any. Look any paid media maybe Facebook advertisements, ads from websites, blogs, twitter, etc. if there are any resourceful media that you have earned leads from then, focus and plan out of a bigger picture.

When you have achieved the chronological steps of planning a and have completed the research, now its time to bring the results together to create the digital marketing strategy that has;

The profile of the consumer.

  1. Strategic goals that will be achievable over the specified period.
  2. Inventory of the owned earned and paid media which you already own.
  3. An audit report of the previously had, gained and paid to the media.
  4. A dully created plan of the expectations.
  5. Best business digital marketing channels that we should use to achieve set goals

1. Paid Social Media

Social media remains to be the most suitable methods by which we can reach more consumers over a short period. In Digital world, now everyone is interacting with the web tech and so do the businesses. How the social media earn, is by advertising your channel, website or blog on their social sites will boost the company’s advertised content in other third-party pages and feeds.

In most cases, they allow attached URLs that link to the client webpage, Facebook page, blogs, etc. its an efficient platform to use since you are allowed to choose the audience age, gender, preferences, and specific demographics.

2. Amplifying Earned Media

Earned media refers to the advertised by word of mouth or physically exhibiting to the public by company PR. In social media, you can create a page of your company to which you can share the page for public viewing. Through it, the invited persons can like the page and share the page with several friends. That’s amplifying your earned media which is so efficient.

It also can be done by adding links to your webpage on blogs as well. It assures credibility of the company. There are websites and blog pages that editors can help create a link to your websites. On articles related to your products, you can request an editor to put a link your site when mentioning associated products.

3. Email Marketing

In the modern world, almost 91% of internet users check on their emails every day. From emails, it’s easier to share quality content with the audience and build credibility. Emails are useful since they reach the required recipient at the expected time.

From this, it’s easier to generate calls from the clients each time the send timely emails. Furthermore, emailing creates a good customer relation by keeping in contact time by time.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s the creation of a web analytics data where you can key in keywords from a browser, and a link is formed towards your business. It’s an efficient way to create a lead and would build a client pipeline in no time. Your website will create the job for you, all you need to do is pick up client’s phone calls. It pulls in the prospects that are potential boosts to the business.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations and communications executive with over 20 years of experience

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