Five Savvy Ways to Use Personal Finance Software

Keeping track of your personal finances is a very important responsibility. For those that are looking to find a good way to keep their personal finances well organized and simplified, using financial software could be a very good option. There are five ways in particular that you could use financial software to help organize your personal finances and ensure you are staying on top of your money at all times.

Automate Your Financial Life:

One of the main advantages of using financial software is that it can be used to automate your financial life. One of the most important responsibilities that you have in regards to your personal financial life is to pay all of your bills on time. When you make your bill payments on time you will be able to build a good credit history and will then be able to qualify for the best rates on mortgage, auto loans, and other debt products.

When you use financial software and online banking services, you can be assured that your bills will be paid on time through the use of automatic bill pay. This will allow you to link your checking and other accounts together to transfer money, make certain payments on time automatically, and ensure that you continue to be in good financial standing with your creditors.

Create a Budget:

In order to achieve financial freedom, you will need to be able to create a budget that will allow you to save money each month and invest. Unfortunately, many people struggle with creating a budget that is manageable and provides them with the resources they need to build more personal wealth. For those that are looking for a way to build a personal budget, using financial software can be a great option. Financial software will be able to track your historical income sources and expenses to help you start. It will then provide you with suggestions as to how you should allocate your money going forward based on savings, spending, and investments. This can then be tracked and monitored going forward.

Understand How You Spend Money:

Another very valuable part of using financial software is that it can help you to better understand how exactly you spend money. Most people are unaware of where their money goes each month. At the end of the month they are often left with far less in savings than they would have thought and really don’t know where it all went.

When using financial software to your advantage, you will be able to get a much better understanding of where all of your money is going. The financial software will be able to review and track all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts that you use to make bills and pay for goods and services. The software will then be able to carefully track all of your spending to see where it is going each month and how your spending is tracking to your budget. This will give you a great visual snapshot of your financial situation and will allow you to make better financial decisions going forward.

Full Financial Picture:

Another advantage of using financial software is that it can be used to provide you with a full financial picture of your current situation. When you use financial software it will be able to link all of your bank accounts, credit card accounts, mortgage accounts, and other financial information. This will then give you a snapshot of all of your assets, liabilities, and your overall personal net worth. You will then be able to use this to track your progress going forward to see how your budgeting and smart financial decisions are benefiting your personal financial life.

Improve Financial Security:

While so much more of our financial lives are automated and made easier than in the past, there are also a lot more risks that people need to be aware of and need to account for. Data hacks, identify theft, and credit card fraud are all very common crimes today and millions of people will be impacted by it directly at some point or another. While this will always be a risk, those that use financial software to their advantage will be able to monitor their accounts better and protect against it. Many financial software programs today will have a variety of features that can be used to help alert you when your accounts are vulnerable. This can include alerting you of odd purchases or notifying you when someone illegally tries to access your accounts.

Edward Schinik is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Yorkville Advisors.

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