7 Cases When Getting a Used BMW is Better Than a New One

You’ve finally decided it’s time to upgrade to a luxury car. What’s more, you’ve decided that you would like a nice BMW. That’s a great decision because we all know that BMWs are just great. Now the question is do you buy a used one or a new one? It might be easier to argue to buy a new vehicle, especially if you can afford to. Newer vehicles will offer you less issues, longer warranty, and a guaranteed nice car altogether. A used vehicle might give you more problems, shorter warranty, and it might not even look nice. However, there a few instances when getting a used BMW might be better for you versus spending your savings on a new one. Here are those reasons and why.

1. You know the seller

If you happen to know the seller of a great BMW, you should jump on it. A buy from a direct seller can work very well, as long you can be positive that they maintained the car properly and regularly. Maintenance is key to used cars; it doesn’t truly matter how much mileage you’ve tacked on or not tacked on to the car. If it’s not been properly cared for, it’s doomed. Find a seller that you know and go from there.

2. Barely used

When we say barely used, we mean that maybe something that’s been rounding the lots or used sparingly for a year. The less driving your car goes through in general, the better it will be to buy used. Remember not to buy anything that’s been way overused because you’ll probably end up with repair expenses beyond what you initially paid for the used car. If you’re patient enough, the right used car will find you somehow.

3. You plan to get rid of it soon

If you’re just buying a retainer at the moment, then there’s absolutely no need to buy a new one. If you’re just looking for a way to get by in the next few months to a year and you don’t mind forking out the money to do so, then you should go for a luxury BMW. Who know when you’ll be able to get another one again? You might even be able to keep the car for longer and allow yourself to save just a little bit more money for your next vehicle, which might even be a brand new BMW.

4. You know how to fix it

If you happen to be a splendid mechanic that can handle German automobile engineering, then we say go for the used BMW. At this point, you would know better than anyone which used car would be a good buy for you. You can probably tell by just test-driving it. When you buy a used BMW, you can customize it and tweak it to appeal more to your needs and wants in a car.

5. Depends on the model

All models are not equal and there are some models that are better than others when it comes to the used category. Some of the best and most affordable used BMW models include the BMW 3 Series, the 7 Series, and the X3. Both 3 and 7 Series cars are sedans, while the X3 is an SUV.

6. It’s all you can afford

If you just so badly wanted a BMW but don’t have enough money for one, your best bet is to either wait to save up enough (which can take years) or to buy a decently used BMW instead. You can find hundreds of options that are good enough as long as you take the time to actually look. Just make sure that you have enough set aside just in case you have to deal with some repairs.

7. It’s still under warranty

If you’re out to buy a used BMW you can keep for a while, it’s best if you find one that’s still under warranty. Sure it’ll cost you more than a much older model, but at least you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs for at least a couple or a few more years. Just make sure that you also take into consideration other factors such as mileage, usage, past history, and all the other good stuff. Don’t use the existing warranty as the sole reason to buy any vehicles.

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