A Closer Look At The Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph

It is clear that the industry surrounding classic time pieces and wearable watches are becoming more intricate and more sophisticated as the year goes on. Many of the companies that develop time pieces all throughout the world play on the traditional styles and designs that are so timeless, yet they add the finer details and technical advancements that make them truly one of a kind. The same goes for the craftsman at Czapek, who have recently released their third model of a fine time piece, the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph. In this article, we are going to give you a closer look at this one of a kind time piece, and why it will win the hearts of watch wearers and collectors everywhere. Let’s get started with our closer look.

The Sportier Side Of Things

When compared to other time pieces that have been released as part of Czapek’s recent collection and other collections, it is easy to see that the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph has a sportier edge and look to it, unlike all of the rest. The dial of the watch itself is encased in stainless steel, and will essentially be available in three different variations as part of the collection, which we discuss later in the article. The watch will also feature a couple of variations when it comes to the wrist band, with a decision between either a black, leather strap, or a rubber strap. The amount of variety allows for watch wearers and collectors to find the ideal watch that suits them best.

The Multitude Of Variations

As we eluded to earlier, the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph is going to be available in three different variations of the time piece, allowing it to suit whatever style is more appealing. The first (which is being called the Grand Feu) features a white enamel dial face, which adds a stunning contrast when compared to the other two variations that are available as well. The watch also features three different sub dials on the face of the chronograph, and has a more classic look to it. The second variation that will be available for purchase is called the L’Heure Bleue Ricochet guilloche. The face of the dial itself forms the specific pattern of bas relief squares, which add a certain texture to, and is also commonly called a Ricochet design (as the name shows). The dial of this chronograph is featured in an elegant deep blue color, and will feature a black leather strap with blue threading throughout it. Finally, the last variation that will be available also features the Ricochet design that is shown on the L’Heure Bleue variation; However, this sporty watch will feature a black dial face that accompanies the Ricochet patterning. This is the variation that will include the option of the rubber wristband, as well, to accompany a more sporty and multi-usable feel to it. Needless to say, there has been no lack of attention to detail when it comes to this fine collection.

The Mechanical Aspects

For Czapek, this is the first chronograph that has been released by the company, and it seems like a gratifying achievement for the company. The column wheel chronograph, that is featured on the variations of this collection, were developed by Vaucher Manufacture Feurier, and features a caliber SXH3 automatic movement that essentially allows for up to 65 hours of power reserve and a great deal of advanced movement.

With the amount of variety that is available with this collection, The Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph is going to be a collection that is sure to stand the test of time for many years to come. As of now, the collection and all of the pieces that are being created will not be available for purchase until June 30th of 2018. Each piece is also going to be sold for approximately 24,000 euros (this would equal to roughly $29,000, give or take). If you would like more information about the Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie Chronograph collection that will soon be released, or any other time pieces that are created by the craftsman at Czapek, you can find everything you need at their website online. Make sure to take the time to check out the amazing pieces that are created by this one of a kind company.

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