A Closer Look at the Kerdebanz Maximus Flying Tourbillon

There’s a certain imposition that some products just put on you naturally because of its beauty and history. That’s exactly what the Kerbedanz Maximus Flying Tourbillon brings. Kerbedanz has been known for all of its unique timepieces—ones that feature stunning designs and an undeniable mysterious energy with its mix of symbols and allegories. You can look at a Maximus and marvel at its design while forgetting that what sits close to your wrist is also what one might consider magic in watchmaking.

When it was first unveiled at Baselworld in March 2017, the company rose to the challenge and tackled with vigor the only mountain worth climbing in the world of timekeeping: the tourbillon. Kerbedanz’s Maximus Flying Tourbillon breezes through this Everest of a task with such delicate work—looking at it almost makes it as difficult to breathe as if you were indeed 8,848 meters high. It’s definitely an impression you want to make if you were one of the world’s leading brands in luxury watchmaking. You want to be larger than life, and one of the best ways to do that is to take it in literally and make the largest wristwatch tourbillon in the world.

For Kerdebanz, this meant more than just enlarging the pieces. Surely we all know that watchmaking is a much more intricate process, where puzzle pieces have to perfectly align and everything has to balance everything else out. With the Maximus Flying Tourbillon, Kerdebanz demonstrated its mastery. The company had to reinvent everything in order to make the watch work within such a larger frame. To achieve its goals, Kerdebanz had to design, develop, and produce a special balance spring, a rack with a screw perfect for fine adjustments, and a brand new balance wheel. How large is this tourbillon to begin with that it needed new fittings? The tourbillon cage is at an impressive 27mm diameter, something that not all wrists can handle. It certainly is almost double the size standards of most tourbillons sold today. But while it boasts of its size and grandiosity, the Maximus Flying Tourbillon only weighs 1.35g—yet another engineering feat.

The watch also features a number of unique quirks that’s sure to keep its wearer intrigued. Instead of the regular 60-second rotations, Kerdebanz’s tourbillon rotates in 6 minutes. Looking at the watch, you’ll also be mesmerized by the endless interactions of wheels and levers. It’s art in a timepiece, and Kerdebanz has only begun.

A closer look at the watch reveals something far more breathtaking than wheels and levers alone. The complexity of the case alone is worth diving into, as it evokes the spirit and design of Rome’s Coliseum, with its alternating brushed and polished columns, its bleachers, it’s elevators. And at the center of it all is the arena, where gladiators’ weapons gleam against the sun, an image conjured by the center of this watch. You can also feel the energy from the bleachers, the golden circle that surrounds the watch’s center. It’s a mesmerizing tale of history and possibility, one that sits atop a wristwatch so heavily detailed with metaphors; it’s almost unreal.

Listening to the sounds of this marvel, as the hands tick to every matted minute, is a different experience in itself. With its low vibration frequency of 18 kHz, this tourbillon produces a deeper sound that’s accentuates its size. It also accentuates the immensity of the progress in watchmaking. The Kerdebanz Maximus Flying Tourbillon delivers 48 hours of power reserve, a remarkable time for such a giant timepiece. It has a total of 415 components, 73 of which belong to the tourbillon cage alone. The winding mechanism, the power reserves through the sapphire display back, the fully ergonomic angles all contribute to this accomplishment.

However, regardless of how grand this masterpiece is, the Kerdebanz Maximus Flying Tourbillon is the kind of watch that you’ll not only just want to look at; it’s the piece that you’ll love to wear. The dial is easy to read, not in spite of but because of its design. It’s not the type of watch you would hide under a shirt cuff; it’s the type of watch that deserves to be seen by everyone, which is a good thing because it probably won’t fit under a shirt cuff anyway. This Kerdebanz marvel will be limited to only 99 pieces and will come in either 18K rose gold or black DLC titanium.

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