A Closer Look at the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Manufacture 43mm

One of the most important things about this watch is that it is turning an amazing 50 years old. That’s right, this particular watch design has been around in one capacity or another for half a century. Despite the fact that it has been around for so long, one of the things it certainly hasn’t done is remain stagnant. In fact, the design has changed and evolved a great deal throughout the years. That was never more true then with its latest design, one that is sure to turn heads as more and more people become interested in owning one for themselves.

The watchmaker responsible for this design could have easily made the decision to incorporate a vintage look for the newest edition of this product. However, the company actually decided to go in the opposite direction and create a brand new design that looks so modern, you wonder if it dropped out of the sky from some future point in time. You might say that this was something of a risky decision, especially when you consider the fact that the company had produced vintage designs of this line of watches in the past, and they were a big hit. It unquestionably took some intestinal fortitude to go forward with this design, yet go forward they did. The watch is now the most sought-after version from the company.

The thing that really makes this particular version stand out is its modular design. It follows the popularity of other current designs that make the watch look completely different than anything you have ever seen before. Upon first glance, it truly looks as if you are looking at what you might imagine the inside of the watch would look like, but in reality, you are looking at the face of the dial. This is a popular concept in watches right now, as it gives manufacturers an opportunity to create some rather unique designs and it gives the watches a more sophisticated, sportier look to boot.

Aside from its unique looks that will no doubt get your attention, this particular watch was designed and manufactured completely in-house. That isn’t necessarily something you could say with some of its previous versions. In reality, a number of it predecessors were designed in-house, but the timekeeping piece was built elsewhere. This time, everything is handled by TAG from start to finish, with no middle-man involved in any capacity.

Of course, the changes in design, as well as the manufacturing process, have resulted in one very good looking watch that performs almost flawlessly. This particular version is easily one of the highest quality watches ever made. It has extremely smooth movement and it was designed to keep operating that way for several years. This is definitely not one of those watches you will be looking to replace only a year or two after you purchase it. Thanks to its performance and appearance, it is something that can be proudly handed down from one family member to the next, worn with pride the entire time.

TAG is making the watch in several different color combinations, so you have the chance to get the version that you are most fond of. Just to name a few of the choices, you can get the watch with a standard tan leather strap and silver case or you can choose the blue leather strap instead. The intricate details on this version really set it off, making it look even more distinguished. If you really want something that looks completely different, try the blacked out steel version. Chances are, the hardest thing will be choosing the version you like best.

TAG has always has a reputation for developing watches that are second to none. This is a company that has been designing watches for decades, and they definitely know exactly what they are doing. If make the decision to purchase one of these watches, you certainly won’t regret it. Instead, you will have a high quality timepiece for the ages, something that you can proudly hand to your children someday. One thing is certain, anyone who chooses to wear this watch knows what they like and they aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. This is a watch for confident people who choose to live life to the fullest.

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