About Earnings on the Aggregators of Partner Programs

In the catalogues of aggregators, a variety of partner programs is presented. If you look at their catalogues, you can see that the subjects of the submitted proposals are very broad and suitable for webmasters with a variety of websites. One of the most profitable areas in this field is partner programs on loans. You will not regret if you choose a payday loan affiliate program from a reliable aggregator. If you do so, your leads will be sold at a high price, plus you can have different benefits such as timely payouts, cost-effective technologies, personalized support and many others.

Ways to Drive Traffic

To attract traffic, webmasters can use the following methods:

  • Cashback
  • PopUp advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Doorway traffic
  • Email – distribution
  • Contextual advertising for the brand
  • Traffic from social networks

It should be noted that each partner program separately specifies the sources through which traffic should arrive. Usually, such nuances are described in the supplementary rules of the partner program.

Myths About Partner Programs

It would be useful to debunk a few myths about affiliate programs. So, let’s begin:

You should choose the partner program with the highest commission.

According to many webmasters, the higher the commission provided by the affiliate, the better. Of course, this is one of the most important criteria. However, one should not be guided by choice only for it. Before making a final decision, you need to evaluate the advertiser carefully: his reliability and popularity, how convenient his website is for potential buyers, how attractive the offered goods and services are. Through your website, only the target and interested audience can go to the advertiser. But due to the fault of the advertiser, such transfers may not lead to an expected result, and you will waste time and energy for nothing.

You should participate in as many programs as possible.

Do not forget that if a user comes to a site dedicated to credits and personal loans, he may not be interested in invitations to register for online games, etc. Before choosing a program, you need to evaluate your audience and its interests, so as not to embarrass and distract users with unnecessary off-topic advertising.

The most effective form of advertising is banners.

Most webmasters today admit that banners, of course, are the least irritating to users on the site, but their effectiveness leaves much to be desired. The main way to promote affiliate programs is text links with personal recommendations.

Easy to Deal With

Affiliate programs are one of the most popular ways to monetize a website. The invaluable help in choosing a suitable program is provided by the aggregators of partner programs themselves. The principle of their work is quite simple, and besides, the aggregators try to make it even easier.

However, do not forget that partner aggregators are not sources of easy money, but services with their own rules and performance nuances that should be taken into account.

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