The AeroGT is No Ordinary Vehicle

It is not often that a watch designer throws in a new concept vehicle to accompany the time piece for its drivers. Belamich has recently designed the AeroGT which has the capacity for reaching a speed of up to one hundred and ninety miles per hour. What that tells us about their intended audience is that speed and precision are traits which are highly valued. It also gives us an insight into what we can expect from both vehicle and watch. We were so impressed with this new development that we had to take a closer look at both the vehicle and the watch and share them with you.

The AeroGT

This may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but Bruno Belamich took a simple idea with complex ramifications and has developed a watch and automotive novelty that are designed to complement one another beautifully. In this unprecedented move which is certain to gain the attention of both watch and motorcycle enthusiasts, the company has gone outside of the box on this one.

The concept is not your average vehicle. It features a forty three inch profile which is low by any standards, and highly desired in some circles. The materials used in the construction of this fast and sporty edition is made with the intention of cruising at one hundred and ninety miles per hour. They’re breaking all of the conventions with this one. The concept vehicle is created to serve as the inspiration for a few of the new watches that the company plans to manufacture.

Who is Bruno Belamich?

We believe that the man is a sheer genius. He studied industrial design in his secondary educational pursuits with a strong focus on horology, but it appears that he has had somewhat of a passion for the automotive industry as well. The Bell & Ross watch brand was borne of his need for a special project prior to graduation with his degree in horologic industrial design. He partnered with Carlos Rosillo and the two formed the company.

Bell & Ross successes

As a designer, Belamich is top notch and from what we can tell is a life long learner. He collaborated with a German chronograph manufacturer well versed in aviation watches made for pilots. Sinn Uhren, a well known manufacturer was a wise choice as Belamich’s inventions made their way to the French air force. Their assignment to members of this elite bomb squad speaks of their durability and reliability. Belamich has consistently been bent on functionality which is a very good trait to burnish in the watch making industry. He also maintained the need for high fashion in the process, giving his creations a definite edge in the market. In his design of watches, he has maintained a constant requirement for function and dependability along with other stipulations set forth by his clientele.

Doing his research

Belamich doesn’t mind reading through old watch catalogs to come up with solutions for his creations. He draws upon the physics of what has worked well in the past and uses or modifies them to come up with the perfected time piece that meets with his rigorous standards of quality. He maintains a focus on the historical watches and their fine details from past military and aviation successes. The company is new and their focus has been mainly upon interpreting vintage wristwatches and an occasional pocket watch which have their roots in the major world wars as inspiration for their own creations. Classic features and design elements are truly timeless and they are not difficult to bring into a modern line of watches because the aesthetics of these traditional designs never go out of vogue.

His greatest challenge yet

The project began in 2014 with Belamich’s idea for designing a concept car that would work well for the new line of watches that he plans to design. It is actually a brilliant idea to build the concept vehicle and follow after with a watch that would mirror certain elements for a complementary association. He has worked with Shaw Speed & Custom motorcycles of Britain on the design that also incorporates elements of aeronautics in the form of the B-Rocketters in a neo retro bike with a mythic theme. Herein lies the inspiration for a new line of watches that will mirror the characteristics of the Bonneville Rocket.

A racing bike chronograph?

We say why not. It will no doubt have tremendous appeal to racing bike enthusiasts as well as for those who love a good fantasy novel. Believe us, there are plenty of guys out there who fit the bill perfectly. If it can be done, Belamich has what it takes with regard to skills, willingness to learn and a dedication to the perfection of his craft. We’re anxiously awaiting the release of this one of a kind pair.

Final thoughts

The AeroGT sounds like an aerodynamic bike that will tear up the roads. With a cruising speed of a hundred and ninety miles per hour it sounds like it is the most suitable for the European road system where excessive speed is legal. While some may wonder what Belamich was thinking, we’re on the side of those who understand that the world needs a more novel approach to the production of quality time pieces because the digital age has taken the focus off of wrist worn watches in lieu of a handy device that presents the time on demand.

Dyed in the wool watch enthusiasts understand that in addition to the functionality of a watch, there is also a great aesthetic value when worn as an accessory. For the more masculine examples, it offers the opportunity to indulge in a display of some hidden personality traits and preferences that may not be expressed with mere words. A watch is definitely a reflection of the inner workings of the wearer and the new line that is being proposed by Bell & Ross sounds like a perfect way to express the need for speed and sporty class, style and luxury with a fast bike to complement the look.

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