Ball Watch Engineer III Bronze Star and Silver Star

Ball Watch is a watchmaking company that has established their reputation for the stylish as well as unique. Regardless of the type, each is produces with careful attention to finishing details and the company places a high value on eye catching aesthetics and they are well respected for upholding these standards. Because each individual has their own preferences with regard to watches including features, design and price, Ball has made provisions for a large segment of the population. Their new Engineer III Bronze Star and Silver Star watches are modern wristwatches that are sure to meet with enthusiasm. We were so impressed with the aesthetic beauty and overall quality of the pair that we’re compelled to take a closer look at each to discover what makes them so special in the world of luxury watches.


In following with the aviation theme, the Bronze Star and Silver Star are pilots watches which offer an array of useful functions and great aesthetics. They are inspired by the world of aviation and are a must have for the modern day flying enthusiasts. Two designs are available to give customers more choices in an attempt to please a demanding collection of aviation watch lovers and beyond. The Engineer III is a watch that will appeal to more people because of its charm, elegance and functionality. It features a traditional styling and is packed with a host of gadgets and innovations that will have a far reaching appeal.


The automatic movement has been equipped with spring lock technology. It is protected by the Amortiser anti shock system for up to sixty six percent greater resistance to sockTeh auto caliber is stabilized through the use of the anti magnetic shield to ensure that rough weather and an occasional jolt will have no effect on the movement. This highly prized aviators watch can handle shocks that occur up to five thousand Gs in addition to up to eighty thousand A/m in magnetic fields. The strength of this watch will also resist water pressure of up to one hundred meters. It is rare to find a luxury watch that is build with such amazing toughness and durability.

Extra features

Pilots may fly under dark lighting conditions and the Engineer III designers have made provision for low light situations. Micro gas tubes which are embedded within the dial offer a glow that activates automatically without the need for hand activation so there is plenty of illumination for any type of lighting conditions.

Ball Watch Engineer III Bronze Star

This limited edition features a black dial along with hour, minute and second hands which are crafted with slender and sharp styling with markers encircling the outer face of the dial. It also offers date and day features which have been placed on the right hand side of the dial with a plain white that stands out against the dark dial face for easy reading at all angles. This watch comes with a forty three millimeter case and is slightly larger than the silver.

Ball Watch Engineer III Silver Star

Crafted with the same specification yet a Silver casing, the Silver Star limited edition watch is available in either a black or blue dial. As with its Bronze counterpart, the Silver Star is also highly legible with white markers that show up remarkably well against the dark dial face. This limited edition Ball watch is available in either a forty millimeter case or the much larger forty six millimeter. The options are offered with men who like to have plenty of choices. Whether you prefer a smaller or large case, there is one to meet your expectations precisely. Both the forty and forty three mm models come with a choice of either a blue or a black dial.

What makes the Ball Watch Engineer III Bronze and Silver Star editions so special?

They are each unique in their own right. The Ball Watch company is known for its tradition of elegant luxury and places a high value on aesthetics for each piece that is produced. Time is dedicated in the planning of each edition. The artisans craft each piece to be pleasing to the eye and no detail is overlooked. The goal of the company is to encase the purest of quality and high performing functionality into each watch that is manufactured within a highly attractive casing that will appeal to the majority of luxury watch fans. This edition has gone over and above with a theme that is directed towards pilots and those who have a love of aviation, but it is also designed for those who simply want to own a highly functional and good looking luxury watch. They are beauties with a unique historical value for certain. When it comes to ruggedness, they are built to withstand more than the average luxury watch with regard to water and shock resistance. A lot of thought and detail has gone into the creation of the pair.


The Ball Engineer III Bronze Star is available for pre-order currently with an asking price of $1,275. The Silver edition is also available for pre-order for the prices of $1,650 and $2,300. While these amazing gems are not currently available for sale at a local retail outlet, they will be ready soon and with the limited number of each being manufactured, it is a good idea to pre-order so you will be able to ensure that you will secure yours before they are all spoken for.

Final thoughts

Ball Watches has finally made perhaps their finest creation available for pre-order. We don’t have a word yet on the total number of watches that the company plans to release from this series, but we do know that the number of pieces has been limited. There is only one way currently to reserve yours and that is by pre-ordering them directly from the company. The Ball Watchmakers have not been around as long as some of the other manufacturers of quality luxury watches, but in their short time of operation, they have made a tremendous impact on the industry offering some of the finest collectibles with their own unique and sometimes novel themes. The Ball Engineer III editions are well worth investigating.

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