Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve Review

The notion of a gentleman time traveler is an exciting and romantic thought that has inspired the development of one of the most unique time pieces of our era. With a vintage style, the Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve combines two complications that make it both attractive as well as highly functional for a total package that does not fail to impress. A watch made of Geneva based traditions and priced within reasonable parameters, we are pleased to present the Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve for your consideration.


The 2017 Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve takes its inspiration from the 1950s vintage collections that feature classical styling and an ever expanding number of complications that are deemed to be useful as well as impressive for the sake of their innovation alone. The integration of the chronograph in this luxury and elegant Power reserve combine to create a masterpiece of horologic significance that exemplifies the skills of the engineers and artisans who put this piece together.


A full description is due the mechanisms which bring this aesthetically pleasing creation into a state of high functionality with its assortment of complications and useful features that make it appealing to fans of luxury time pieces. The appearance is enhanced by the careful blending of design and artistry that has gone into the crafting of the eye catching exterior that is accented with teh most complementary and appropriate materials to enhance the overall function and quality of the watch reference number MOA10316.


The functions of this watch are driven by a Soprod 9035 model which features an automatic self winding style. The oscillating weight is personalized and includes the trademark “Cotes de Geneve” snailed decor. Also featured are circular grained bridges and plate and blued steel screws with twenty eight jewels with twenty eight thousand eight hundred vph at four Hertz frequency. The power reserve is forty two hours.


The dial is finished in an impressive sun satin finished in a royal blue color. Sun brushing gives the beams an enhanced aesthetic which is reminiscent of sun beams which radiate fro the disc center to the outer rim. The minute tracker is applied in a fine white finis which contrasts exceptionally well against the Royal blue dial. A rhodium plated teardrop shape is applied to the hour chapter and it indexes the Arabic numerals which are slightly rounded and applied in rodium plating.

The hands are made with a tapered effect and silvered with the same materials used for the direct drive which is located in the center of the Royal blue dial for a nice and pleasing aesthetic. These are indicators of hours, minutes and seconds. The backdrop for the date is white with a black display that is framed in silver and white aperture located at the three o clock position. A second time zone for tracking dual time zones simultaneously is included at the twelve o clock position and highlighted by a tiny two tone hand. The power reserve indicator is placed at the six o clock position.


The case is crafted from fine steel materials. It is round in shape and features a polished and satin finish. The diameter of the case is forty three millimeters. The case back is sapphire which is kept securely in place with four screws. The crystal is domed sapphire which features the application of anti glare materials and is highly scratch resistant for enhanced legibility. The strap is crafted of black alligator leather in a design that resembles square scales. The clasp is a triple folding style that is adjustable with security push pieces. This watch is water resistant up to fifty meters.

Form and function

The 2017 Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve is a high quality luxury wrist watch that is intended for the man who has a quiet elegance about him and loves to travel. By design and intention, this model will mirror such a man with the same quiet and traditional traits that embody the essence of a gentleman that is pleasant in appearance and demands respect simply because of what is believed to exist within the inside of the cool and calm exterior that is of great and lasting value.

The personality of the Power Reserve emanates the sense of elegance and a masculine attractiveness that houses a host of complications which ae impressive and in addition, highly useful under the right circumstances. This watch is lovely to behold and it delivers an emotional impact that is not explosive, but in the same regard, it throws a calm type of excitement and wonder about its true capabilities which are deserving of exploration.


Baume & Mercier have kept the GMT Power Reserve at a modest price for the quality and performing capacity of the watch. The retail cost of this time piece is set at $3,918.78. It is a timeless piece that will be treasured by watch enthusiasts who have a penchant for world travel and a bit of mysterious excitement in more muted displays.

Final thoughts

The Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power Reserve is a remarkable wrist watch that has been specifically created for a certain type of man, but it is likely to appeal to a large population. Thanks to the foresight of the manufacturer, this high quality luxury watch will be within the reach of fans who live on more modest incomes. We see this edition as having great potential for becoming a favorite as it has so much to offer. The amazing aesthetics which are neither over nor under done offer a quiet balance that is pleasing to the senses on a few different levels.

The workmanship and complexity of the watch are nothing short of brilliant. It delivers an emotional impact that allows one to experience what it would be like to be a gentleman traveler in more vintage eras and in the modern time as there are elements of each in the presentation of the watch. We believe that the watchmaker has achieved a milestone with their new edition.

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