The BionicGym: Cardio Training Breakthrough?

People who are interested in fitness and training will be intrigued by the BionicGym. This product offers a new and effective way for training. It is the new and innovative creation that offers a variety of health benefits. We were so impressed with this new fitness system that we decided to take a closer look at it and share what we found with you.

The Bionic Gym is a fitness system that is based on an electronic format that delivers electronic impulses to the body to stimulate the muscles of the body in a way that simulates exercise with its effects. The machine may be set to induce the same results that you would get from a mild, moderate or hard core workout while sitting at your desk or attending to some other type of activity. This is what makes this product so innovative and revolutionary.

Where can I get one?

The Bionic Gym is currently under development and is not yet ready for release to the public for sale. It is the invention of Dr. Louis Crowe who has used this device himself to train for a marathon without the potential damage to the joints that can be caused by running. Dr. Barry Broderick is working side by side with Crowe in the development of this amazing fitness system. It is possible to start out at a pace that is perfect for your current fitness level and make incremental increases until you have reached fitness goals including increased endurance and stamina.

Additional benefits

The Bionic Gym is also helpful in the burning of calories. One of the most frequently asked questions about this device is whether or not it could help with weight loss. The answer is that it stimulates muscles to respond as though they are getting a real physical workout. This means that there is active calorie burning to the same extent that there would be if you were walking or jogging, depending upon the level of the workout that is selected. The same rules for weight loss apply for using the Bionic Gym as they do with more traditional forms of exercise. Weight loss occurs when the amount of calories burned exceeds the amount of calories which are consumed in a days’ time.

Timeline for production

The idea for this invention formed in the year 2000. In cooperation with companies in the UK and Ireland, electrical stimulation technology was further investigated and researched in 2002. In 2004, medical research and publications on the subject of electrical stimulation of muscles and the potential health benefits were investigated. Thorough research was conducted with the results published. This was a vital component in the development of this product because it gave the doctors the scientific information that was needed to perfect the Bionic Gym and make any tweaks that were needed prior to the completion of the prototype.

Between 2007 and 2012, a complete redesign of the system took place at UCD in Ireland. The five years which were spent making the needed changes were just the beginning. The project was then transferred in 2013 to a think tank in Berlin where it fell under yet further scrutiny by some of the finest minds in the region. This took place for a full year and from 2014 to 2015 yet more changes in design to perfect the Bionic Gym and patents were obtained from 2015 through 2016. In November of 2016 the Bionic Gym was officially launched with IndieGoGo and it is now available through pledges to raise the funding that is necessary for manufacture and shipping of the completed product.

A redesign of the electronic wrap and miniaturization of the device is scheduled to take place between January of 2017 through September. Two engineers are working on this phase of development and it is estimated that the total time that will be needed by the pair to complete this stage is approximately eight months. The timeline includes submission of the completed project to regulatory authorities for approval and for preparation for the manufacturing process after this final step is completed. The estimated delivery date for the Bionic Gym has been set for November and December of 2017.

The development of this revolutionary new system started with its inception as little more than an idea in the year 2000. This makes the total time investment just a little over sixteen years of painstaking research and the application of a variety of concepts and study results to achieve the most optimal results for improving fitness without the need for active exercise.

A long journey

This amazing new startup has finally taken their brilliant idea for a revolutionary fitness product from thought to reality. It has taken more than a decade and a half to make the progress that has been achieved thus far. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” We believe that this is one of the more well thought out inventions that has been years in the making and has fallen under the intense scrutiny of some of the finest minds in medical and electrical technology across a variety of different countries and in several different academic and intellectual settings. There is no lack of planning involved in the creation of the Bionic Gym and it has finally reached the final stages of development. With its recent appearance as an IndieGoGo startup, much will depend on the interest of the public in this exciting new fitness device.

Final thoughts

A fast response from those who are willing to make their pledges and secure their place as being one of the first consumers to own the Bionic Gym will help to ensure that the Bionic Gym company will be able to meet all of its established timelines for production and delivery. This long and drawn out process has from what we can tell, yielded some amazing discoveries about health and fitness along with way. There are alternatives to walking and jogging that appear to offer many of the same benefits from a more passive position. The invention is brilliant and we are expecting their success to skyrocket after delivery of the first few units and reviews start rolling in.

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