Can You Predict Today the Talent and Tools You Will Need Tomorrow?

Part of what makes a business successful is the ability to foresee the future. What will it take to be thriving in five years? Ten years? Not looking ahead and relying on the same methods, the same practices, and the same skillsets only make a company stagnant. This is especially true for the technology industry, where survival depends on forecasting what the market needs and wants months and years ahead of schedule. Flourishing organizations are not only calculating these consumer needs but their internal needs as well, mainly in the capacity of tools, talent, and their required skillsets.

What Type of Talent Will You Need?

Leadership is directing the active integration of businesses into technology. In the past, IT was the department that kept things running smoothly in the day to day operations. Now, IT has become the core of innovation and creative revenue opportunities. No longer is IT reactive, but is now proactive, requiring a new type of talent for this role. Every establishment, whether in the tech industry or not, needs to understand and be closer to technology, opening the door for a different type of hire.

The result of technology has been data, and lots of it. For around 20 years, businesses have been collecting massive amounts of facts, and now there is a need to examine it and act upon it. Business intelligence roles are becoming a vital function in many companies seeking to organize this substantial amount of information. Furthermore, these numbers need to be utilized to make faster and improved decisions, and while technology can handle a large part of that responsibility, the human factor must be considered as well.

This human factor has concerned organizations for years including the impending aging demographic and shortage of those with tech experience. However, with globalization increasing, this fear of the retirement of the baby-boomer generation can start to subside a bit. While this is positive, globalization also presents challenges to intertwine cultures and knowledge so that it is productive, but in order to remain competitive, leadership must embrace cross-border opportunities. Additionally, while Generation X is much smaller than their predecessors, they are well-prepared, along with tech-savvy millennials, to take on more significant leadership roles in the next several years.

You know you need new talent, but how will you find them? And, why will they choose to work for you over another viable organization? Competition for top talent is only expected to increase, and as a business you must have something enticing to offer. This is especially true for younger generations and the global workforce. Leadership must address what their company culture looks like, what the firm’s social conscience is, what is their mission, and what is their commitment to customers and the community? Attracting and retaining the best and brightest will mean more than paid vacation leave and 401K options.

What Kind of Tools Will You Require?

Beyond human to human interactions, businesses must address what tools they are providing? No matter what changes, there are some routines that stay relevant. Conference calls and in-person meetings are still a preferred avenue of collaboration, but transformation is coming, and new talent expects additional digitalization. While more and more enterprises become global, these means must adapt. Many companies have started adopting innovative methods such as virtual or augmented reality and telepresence devices to communicate with their remote teams.

In order to prepare for what’s to come for your company, you must have a solid understanding of what technologies will make a difference for your firm. Big data, the cloud, and mobile applications are already altering the way we are working, and there are no signs this will change anytime soon. What will need to be addressed is how to manage and analyze these processes. Once the numbers are studied, technology will better predict behavior or reactions to a set of circumstances that have already happened in the past, apply that information to decision making, and identify the gaps that need attention. These new business intelligence roles, and the machine learning roles we are currently addressing, need the right tools. Having both in place will put your business in the position to thrive.

Another aspect that is only expected to grow is automation. Beyond everyday responsibilities, automation can occupy desktop support, performance monitoring, patch management, and more in a cloud environment. Automation is a prime example of tools and talent working together, as it increases collaboration, innovation, and time-savings.

What Does the Future Hold?

Technology will change. It always does. And, like technology, the workforce must change along with it. A stable business has the balance of innovation, adaptability, and solidity and will not just assess their current needs, but formulate a strategic vision of the near, and far, future. A future where technology motivates talent and talent has confidence in technology.

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