Can Tagged Inc. Be A Game Changer In Online Dating?


Tagged Inc.’s slogan is “The social network for meeting new people” and that is exactly what it is.Tagged Inc. began as a social media site geared toward teens, but has developed into more of an online dating site with most of its members aged 35 to 49 years old. The company’s overall mission is to create meaningful connections between people. Unlike other social networking sites that connect you with people you already know or to celebrities, Tagged is about meeting new people. It can be used to create friendships with people around the world who have common interests with you. It can be used to flirt and get to know other people. It can be used as a dating site to find your true love. Tagged’s goal is to facilitate new connections between its members.

What is Tagged? is asocial media site where members can meet other members. In the beginning, the site was geared toward teens as a place for them to connect with kids with common interest. The site has evolved into a place for people over 18 to connect and is developing into more of a dating site that facilitates friendships and relationships for people through shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles and more.

How does Tagged work?

Membership to join Tagged is free. Members set up a customized profile with a photograph, biography, and interests. Members can browse other members profiles and receive friend suggestions. Members may post updates, enter live chat rooms, and see who has viewed their profile. Members may “tag” other members they are interested in. The site includes a ratings tool where members can rate videos and other members profiles. Members can send virtual gifts to other members. Members can purchase “gold” in order to send gifts. One of the best things about Tagged is that you can add a widget that will help you spice up and completely make your profile customized and personalized.

Members can also earn virtual money by playing games that interest them. They can also meet people with common interests by playing games on the site. Popular games include “Pets” and “Café” In Pets, members can buy, sell or own other members as pets. Café is a popular game where members can decorate, cook and run their own virtual café. Other popular games include”Poker” and “Mafia Wars.”  In 2010, Andrew Pederson was brought into the company to work on its games division. He is the former Vice President of POGO.

Who uses Tagged?

Currently the site has over70 million members internationally. It gets an average of 2.5 billion page views per month. Tagged is available in several languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Malay. Today, the average Tagged member is between 35 and 49 years old and has become a popular dating site where members can meet partners with common interests. Tagged’s technology helps to match members who have common interests and values.

Who founded Tagged?

Tagged, Inc. was founded in 2004 in San Francisco, California. Its co-founders are Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith. Prior to founding Tagged Inc., the two founded Jumpstart Technologies. They began Tagged with the vision of building a “Teen Yahoo!” or a new MTV for this generations internet users. Tagged is owned by If we Inc. Tseng has made it a priority to treat employees as a family. Tagged holds a company meeting every Friday, and often caters lunches and dinners for the group throughout the work

Greg Tseng received degrees from Harvard University in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. He did research for Goldhaber – Golden Group at Stanford University. He worked as a researcher in nanotechnology for The MITER Corporation. Johann Schleier-Smith received his Bachelors Degree from Harvard University, has worked on his PhD at Stanford University, and recently received his Masters of Science Degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

How much money does Tagged make?

Tagged Inc. is unique as a social media site that has been able to build profit, especially in the era of Facebook. The average annual revenue for the company $50 million. Tagged had hoped to go public with an Initial Public Offering in 2014, but revenue was lower than expected. Changes have been made on the corporate level. If we Inc. has since acquired Tinode, Hi5, and NOD.

To establish Tagged,0seng and Schleier-Smith raised funds through Angel Investor and Mayfield Fund. In 2008, Microsoft partnered with several social networking sites including Tagged. Other Tagged partners include Slide, Rock You, PhotoBucket, Meebo, Razz, and Jangle.


The company was named “Hottest of San Francisco Companies” in 2010 and named “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes in 2011.By that year, the company had 150 employees and had acquired Digsby, a multi-protocol instant messenger and social network for Windows users.

Tagged Inc. has proven to be a game changer in social networking. From a fun gaming site, it developed into a popular dating site where people can meet other people with common interests. is an increasingly popular social networking site that is becoming bigger than ever. The goal of the founders is to facilitate connections between people. Tagged is a fun way to meet new people and possibly connect with a partner to date.

In this day where people connect online, has given them a chance to create meaningful new relationships. Tagged is a great way to get to know other people and to create long lasting friendships. Unlike other social networking sites, Tagged is geared toward creating new connections and getting people with shared interests together.The site has become a game changer in online dating.

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