The Caterham 620S: Bringing Back Racing Origins

For those who are familiar with the Caterham 620R, enhancements that bring this vehicle into a more road friendly realm combine with the same abandon in a milder form in the creation of the 620S edition. Like the R version, the Ford Duratec 310 bhp supercharged two liter is still in use and it delivers high in this new pinnacle car in the seven range. A closer look offers an insight into the changes that make the S edition so much more suitable for road use.

You’ll immediately take notice of the enhanced comfort thanks to the full windscreen, side screens, hood and heater. Leather seats are a nice addition as well, but the major comfort feature is the redesigned road springs and dampers. In order to keep performance levels at their maximum, the limited slip differential and brake master cylinder are identical to those in the R edition.


If you’re into having more interior space, the 620S has the option of customizing the amount of room available for both driver and passengers thanks to a chassis that features a wider body SV type. More luggage area is also a plus. The fuel tank has also been enlarged to increase the range capacity of the Caterham 620S.

Increased comfort

Did we mention that the new carbon seats have a heating feature? It won’t matter what the outside temperatures are, you’ll be able to stay comfortable in all conditions while enjoying a smoother ride, warm seats and just the right amount of padding and support. They’ve gone over and above in making sure that the 620S offers some decent amenities that make riding all the more enjoyable.

Dual purposing

The Seven 620S is a car for all seasons and in addition, fits into track and on the road environments equally well. It appears that no real sacrifices in performance have been made in Caterham’s attempt to deliver the 620 in its new road oriented format. Whether your goal is the track or downtown, you should fit in nicely, and do it with a bit of class, style and excitement.

What makes the Caterham Seven 620S so special

The car is a factory special order. It is a factory built car that hails from the manufacturer in Dartford, Kent in the UK. What makes this company and their vehicles for that matter, so very unique is that the cars are hand built at the factory by their team of skilled craftsmen. They know their business and their business is precision auto manufacturing. You can expect nothing more than the highest in quality and workmanship from them. They stake their reputation on it.


We’ll begin with the standard package delivery. The manual gearbox is a five speed that is road oriented and meets established safety standards. The engine is a super charged Ford Duratec 2.0 liter with 310 BHP. It has been tested to reach a top speed of 145 miles per hour. It’ll go from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.44 seconds. It’s available with a standard or SV chassis crafted of a unique gunmetal. It also features a race developed cooling package with an air flow optimized nose cone.

In addition, you’ll find an easy clean dry sump oil system and limited slip differential. The standard S package also includes: ventilated brake discs; quad piston calipers; full windscreen, hood and sides creens; rear anti roll bar; sport suspension; rear exhaust system;Fifteen inch wheels featuring Orcus anthracite alloy and ZZS tires. Front and rear wings are composed of composite materials; a carbon fiber dashboard, leather seats in black; four point race harnesses; Momo steering wheel; Bespoke switch gear and instruments; 12 volt socet; aero filler cap and heater.

The Optional package

This order comes with options for: SV chassis; front aerofoil wishbones; lowered floors; interchangeable carbon wind deflector; race suspension package; carbon vinyl half doors; carbon vinyl Tonneau cover; half hood; hood bag; side screen armrests; carbon leather seats with padding or padded carbon seats in a heated option; Momo quick release steering wheel; fire extinguisher (plumbed in); carbon fiber rear and front wings; sport roll cage or race roll cage; track day roll bar; battery master cutoff switch; sequential shift lights; side exit silencer, Black pack and thirteen inch Apollo alloy wheels with ZZR tires (eight inch rear and six inch front). The engine for the Caterham Seven 620s features max power of 310 bhp at 7700 rpm with a max torque of 219 lbs ft at 7350 rpm. The total weight is 610 kg.


Standard version Caterhams and Optionals are delivered in an unpainted state with coloring on the fiberglass. The finish is aluminum. The nose and carbon wings are also unpainted. Color options are nearly unlimited. Caterham does offer standard stock colors or any type that the purchaser wants for an additional fee for the service. It is generally expected that the purchaser will supply painting in the desired colors which gives the ultimate opportunity for color customization.

Final thoughts

This is the new Caterham Seven 620S model that is now available for order. it is one of the most unique racing vehicles that has just been made more adaptable for on road use. The changes which have been made won’t affect track performance that fans of the vehicle have become accustomed to. It still features the same dynamic internal features that give it its get up and go on the track, but for on the road use, the new features definitely make it a more comfortable ride. Instead of limiting driving of the Caterham 620 to moderate weather conditions, the new version offers additional protection and comfort for longer hauls down the road.

This sporty and classy new model in the Seven line offers some of the amenities that were lacking in the previous version. It has made no obvious sacrifices in making the transition to being street friendly and offering a smoother more elegant interior. The increase of interior space was also a brilliant move that is sure to be pleasing to passengers who will have plenty of leg room and enough left over for a few bags as well. The Caterham 620S is definitely bringing back racing origins in grand style.

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