A Closer Look at Amels Yachts Astra


A luxury cruise is a fantastic way to enjoy the water, sunshine, comfort, and entertainment offered in various locations around the world. Chartering a superyacht is an even more exquisite experience, offering more personalized pleasure and fun. Some of these superyachts offer sleek and appealing designs with fabulous interiors. Other yachts are able to provide a wide range of exceptional features for passengers. A select few yachts are able to do both, combining incredible style and comfort with the greatest possible assortment of options for entertainment, leisure, and recreation. Such is the case with Astra by Amels.

The largest ship building facility in the Netherlands, Amels is more than capable of producing high-end superyachts. Its history in ship making dates back to 1918, although its first modern superyacht, the Katalina, was constructed in 1982. Since this point, the company has become renowned for its superior quality and attention to detail, building over 50 luxurious superyachts to date. In 2007, Amels launched a line of Limited Editions superyachts which offer ideal accommodations and features for guests to make the most out of the yacht experience. Astra is one of these ships.

Also known as the Amels 180 in the Limited Editions line, Astra falls on the smaller end of the series at 55 meters. However, it offers an incredible range of features that give it the feel of a much larger yacht while maintaining its reasonable price. Its smooth performance, exceptional comfort, and thoughtful design allow it to stand head and shoulders above most yachts in the same size range.



Although it is one of the smaller Limited Editions yachts, Astra still boasts plenty of room with its well-designed 55-meter length. It offers three well appointed decks that include spacious accommodations, lounging areas, dining rooms, and much more. Built in 2014, this yacht features a displacement steel hull and aluminum superstructure. It is the perfect ship for anyone looking to maximize the comfort of their cruise in a stylish yacht.

The elegant and sleek lines of the ship’s exterior were designed by the award-winning Tim Heywood. As well, its luxurious interior is the product of Laura Sessa Romboli. The exterior’s sharp design gives way to the interior’s warmth and spaciousness to create a yacht that offers both a modern look and a welcoming comfort. Additionally, its at-anchor stabilizers ensure a comfortable and steady on-board experience.

Chartering Astra is a great way to give family and friends the experience of a lifetime. There are generous accommodations on the ship which can be enjoyed by up to 12 guests. In addition, there are quarters for 13 crew members who will ensure that every detail of the cruise is well attended to. This is a yacht that packs in all the versatile experiences of a larger ship into a more affordable, still spacious 55-meter yacht.


Accommodations and Comfort

Naturally, one of the most important aspects of a superyacht is its accommodations. Aboard Astra, guests will simply adore the 5 luxurious cabins available. These include an expansive Master Suite located forward on the main deck. Further, there are two large VIP staterooms below deck, as well as 2 additional guest cabins. To accommodate further guests, there is even an extra convertible cabin. In all, 12 guests can experience the yacht life aboard Astra. Their every need will be satisfied by the 13-person crew that the yacht also accommodates.

In particular, the Master Suite is exceptionally gorgeous and delightful. It spans the full beam of the ship and includes several fantastic features. Most notably, it comes equipped with its own private lounge and balcony. It also has a king-size bed and en suite facilities. The two VIP staterooms below deck are also quite spacious and offer queen-size beds as well. The versatile and comfortable accommodations of the ship make it a fantastic option for families to enjoy a cruise together.

Aside from its sleeping arrangements, the ship offers almost unlimited pleasure. Its expansive main salon is an excellent place for gathering and socializing. Upon entering the salon, guests can enjoy a wet bar, ample seating, and fantastic natural lighting through its large windows. The salon leads directly to a formal dining area which also enjoys great natural lighting. This dining area also has its own balconies. For alfresco dining, there are tables available on the sundeck.

For relaxing and getting the most out of the sunshine and fresh air, there are several options available. There is an exterior lounge on the main deck which offers its own wet bar. As well, the upper deck is spacious and features great seating. It also has side decks that wrap around, and features sunpads for lounging outside. Perhaps most attractive of all is the jacuzzi tub. The Sky Lounge offers direct access to all of these features, and is a perfect space for lounging and entertaining in its own right.

Not only did Laura Sessa design the interior layout to maximize convenience and space, it is also exceedingly comfortable and beautiful. The elegant design and warm colors of the interior instill a welcoming feel. This is complemented by the ample natural lighting and spaciousness of the inside to create a ship that feels both large and warm at the same time.



Of course, a yacht is not chartered simply to enjoy its many comfort. Superyachts like Astra are also fantastic options for enjoying a variety of entertainment features while cruising in style. This yacht offers a variety of features, including its 3G wireless Internet access throughout the ship.

As well, there is an impressive 75-inch LED Samsung TV located in the Sky Lounge for cinema style viewing of movies or shows. There is also a drop-down TV on the sundeck. In addition, there is a Yamaha grand digital piano included for the more musically-oriented guests.

Perhaps best of all is the convenience with which these features can be enjoyed. Included iPads offer guests the ability to control the music, movies, TV, and air conditioning on the yacht, while also offering Internet access and the ability to call for service. Not only does the ship offer excellent entertainment options, it also makes it simple and easy to customize the experience aboard the Astra.


Superyachts are beloved not only for their comfort and entertainment features, but also for the recreational activities included on the ships. The Astra offers an exceptional range of options for recreation.

Perhaps most exciting among these options are the included Seadoo and two Seabobs that will allow guests to have fun zipping around the water. There are also two water skis and a wake board included for further enjoyment. As well, several inflatable toys are provided for lounging in the water.

For the more adventurous and curious guest, Astra offers scuba equipment to allow guests to experience diving. Further, it comes equipped with a 21-foot Castoldi tender as well as a Zodiac RIBO tender.

While a great deal of fun and pleasure can be had while aboard the yacht, the Astra ensures that just as much excitement is available in the water. Its wide range of recreation options ensure that there is something for just about every guest.



In addition, the Astra comes equipped with various features to create a well-rounded leisure experience. This includes a wide range of gym equipment like weights, TRX, and kettlebells so guests can keep fit and maintain their workout progress.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the yacht is its included beach club with its own steam room. There is also a spa with an on-board masseuse. These are the types of options that set Astra apart from its competitors.



  • Length: 55 meters
  • Beam: 9 meters
  • Gross Tonnage: 670 tonnes
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Superstructure Material: Aluminum
  • Configuration: Displacement


  • Guests: 12
  • Crew: 7
  • Bedrooms: 1 Master Suite, 2 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins


  • Max: 15.5 knots
  • Cruising: 13 knots



Starting at approximately $303,000 per week, the Astra can be enjoyed for winter cruises. As well, it can be chartered during the summer season, with prices starting at $325,000. Guests will enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the West Mediterranean on these cruises.


With plentiful features packed into this 55-meter yacht, guests are sure to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From its luxurious accommodations, spacious lounge areas, and wide range of options for entertainment, recreation, and leisure, the Astra is a yacht that refuses to compromise.

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