A Closer Look at Cheers 46 by Benetti Yachts

In the world of yachts, there are yachts, super yachts and mega yachts. The Cheers 46 by Benetti is a mega yacht that is designed for the ultimate comfort of guests with the elegance and luxury that we’ve come to expect from this world famous ship builder. If you’re hoping to book a charter, we’re sorry that she is not available for reservation. The Cheers 46 is however for sale. This amazing jewel of the sea has warranted a second glance and we’re here to take a closer look at her and present the Cheers 46 for sale for your consideration.

This amazing craft is the product of the Benetti shipbuilders at their shipyard in Viareggio, Italy. Her owner took possession in 2014. The interior of the yacht is the creation of interior designers Redmean Whitely Dixon. The exterior design is by Stefano Righini. This powerful and aesthetically pleasing ship comes packed with impressive performance on the sea, elegant accommodations and a host of amenities and special features.


The Cheers 46 (Model Veloce 140 feet) is 137.80 feet or forty two meters in length. Her beam measures 27.89 feet/ 8.5 meters with a draft of 7.55 feet/2.3 meters and gross tonnage of three hundred and ninety tons. She is a fast displacement yacht which is in keeping with the most current trends. She has been masterfully designed to maximize the space on board in order to create the most comfortable accommodations possible for her owners and guests.


Her engines offer a decent three thousand four hundred and sixty horse power with a cruising speed of twelve knots and a top speed of twenty one knots. The MTU model engines have logged just one thousand hours of use.

Other specs

The fuel tankage has a capacity of nine thousand five hundred US gallons with a water tankage capacity of one thousand one hundred and thirty five US gallons. The materials used in construction of the hull are of grp composite including a grp superstructure. The decks are made of high quality teak wood. The boat type for the Cheers 46 is motor yacht and has been made to comply with RINA classification society rules. She is also outfitted with a modern stabilization system that aids in the reduction of roll motion and offers guests a more comfortable experience when at anchor in turbulent water conditions.


To give a little more detail about the engines, the Cheers 46 is fitted with two MTU 12V 40000M93L thirty five hundred horse power diesel engines. She is propelled by twin screw propellers. Her maximum range is twelve hundred and fifty nautical miles when cruising at twelve knots. Her fresh water tanks have a maximum capacity of four thousand US gallons.

Cheers 46 features

Some have compared the Cheers 46 to yachts that are much larger in size because of the brilliance in design and engineering that have created generous roomy accommodations. In addition to this, the public spaces are also ample including an extra large beach club for socializing and refreshments, a large entertainment area located at the foredeck. A swimming pool is also located in this area. There is also a large sun deck that offers opportunities for sun bathing or enjoying the sea breeze.


Cheers 46 can comfortably accommodate up to a maximum of twelve guests. There are luxury overnight cabins available. These include a master suite, two double cabins and two twin cains. There are four separate crew cabins that can accommodate a total of eight crew members.

In addition to the crew cabins, this yacht is designed with five guest cabins which includes a master suite, however; the captains cabin in this yacht has been converted into an extra luxury bedroom.


This super yacht comes equipped with all of the amenities that are required for luxury excursions. Of course the stabilizers work at anchor and when underway for the maximum in smoothness and guest comfort. She has a jacuzzi on deck for relaxing after a day of fun in the sun, a swimming pool for exercise and recreation and a beach club for enjoying social times or for just catching a little rest and relaxation. The craft also comes with air conditioning for maintaining the most comfortable interior environment possible.

A closer look

The sunning area has a sliding sun roof. We would be remiss not to mention this detail. The interior boasts a modern design that features a tropical and airy light grey stain on the Kato wood. There is also a large gymnasium aboard with a massage room that is located separately bbut in close proximity. The floor accents are dark which provide a lovely contrast o the Kato wood interior. There are several areas which are suitable for sitting and entertainment. One look and it becomes obvious that the design masters were on their game when they made recommendations for her elegant and luxurious rooms. She is also aesthetically pleasing to watch when cruising on the water.


While there may be room for a bit of negotiation, the price is set at a rate that is well in line with the estimated value for a yacht of the elite class that she belongs to. The asking price of the Cheers 45 is in the neighborhood of 15,304, 164 pounds. She is currently located in Florida and is not offered for sale to residents of the United States while she is at rest in US waters.

Final thoughts

The Cheers 46 is among the most impressive super yachts because of her design and attractive appearance on the water. She has a lot to offer the right buyer. Her former owners took great care to keep her well maintained and in good repair. She is super clean and ready for inspection upon appointment. The Cheers 46 is a superyacht that features some of the newer technology in yacht design and building and is designed to offer elegance and comfort for her guests. While you won’t be able to try her out through the charter experience, she is available currently to all non United States residents. The popularity of the Cheers 46 is immense as there hae already been four of this model sold and there are three more which are in production as special orders.

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