A Closer Look at Recently Launched Jupiter by Lurssen


The German shipyard, Lurssen, just released its latest superyacht, Jupiter, a 403-foot superyacht that is not for charter and is set to be delivered to its owner in the spring of 2017. Jupiter is only one of many immense superyachts designed by studio H2 Yacht Design, and built by Lurssen. Jupiter exhibits an assertive, sporty design that compliments other beautiful builds by Lurssen, such as the 511-foot Dilbar and the 500-foot Azzam. Lursssen has earned its name as a leading shipbuilder worldwide with the vast history of ship building experience that it has, spanning well over a century. Today, Jupiter is just another example of Lurssen’s fine craftsmanship and ability to use the most innovative techniques and design modules to create masterpieces worthy of the name Lurssen.

Lurssen Shipyard

Lurssen is currently one of the leading builders of custom superyachts in the world. Lurssen is also a well-known builder in naval vessels and charter yachts and special vessels. Azzam is recognized as the largest yacht in the world today, reaching a length of 500-feet (180m), and is a Lurssen build.

Friedrich Lurssen began his boat building business in 1875 in Aumund Germany, just outside Bremen. Lurssen grew his ship building business over the years, constructing the first motorboat in 1886 and four years later winning the unofficial Championship of the Sea race in the Mediterranean off Monaco with his speed boat. Later that year, two more speedboat races were won and his speedboat is now a huge sensation.

By 1925, Lurssen Shipyard launches its 10,000 vessel under the leadership of Friedrich’s son Otto, who had taken over the business after his father’s death in 1916. The business also takes many turns trading hands through the family over the years as well as turning their sights on new projects depending on demand. During WWII, vessels were needed by the navy and Lurssen was there to deliver. Torpedo boats were built and sent to Bulgaria and post war, Fast Patrol Boats were constructed. 1962 marks the turnover to luxury yachts for Lurssen. 55-metre Pegasus II was delivered to its owner and in 1972, Carinthia VI is constructed to 71-metres and is still considered contemporary in style.


Jupiter is a luxury yacht that was constructed with a displacement steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. She sports all teak decks and was fitted with ‘zero speed stabilizers’ that are designed to work while at anchor. This is a measure added to most superyachts to increase the stability of the yacht while at anchor, and especially during times of rough waters so that all onboard remain at ease and comfortable.

The interior throughout the yacht was designed by March & White. It was given a contemporary style that is marked with clear, ageless nautical details and modernized qualities. The 20m beam opens up her center, interior vestibule so that natural light generously fills the yacht. The exterior’s arch design characteristics along with the oversized glass fronts allow for amazing panoramic ocean views from all around her diverse interior. There is no mention of the number of guests Jupiter can accommodate or the sleeping quarters. But a superyacht this large, you can be certain that there is plenty of entertaining room with plenty of space for a larger group of guests along with a sizeable crew.

Jupiter’s exterior is said to bear a resemblance to more of a high-end sports car than a superyacht with only one other superyacht, the 90m superyacht Lionheart, that bears any kind of similarity to Jupiter with her very distinctive and unique lines that swell and relinquish rhythmically from stern to bow. They complement the very mood of the ocean and she looks majestic on the sea.

Interior design

Although we know that March & White are the designers behind the interiors of Jupiter, but there is virtually nothing about the details of the interior design and motif, the layout or the amenities for that matter. Everything about Jupiter has been kept very secretive throughout her build, but we do know that she was built for a particular owner and not for charter. For that reason, there is little doubt that the inside is just as exquisite and bold as her exterior.


What we know about Jupiter’s features and amenities are that she is equipped with anchor stabilizers for use when at anchor. She is equipped with a full gym, a lift (elevator), Movie theatre for entertainment inside the yacht when weather conditions call for indoor activities or just for a quiet evening enjoying a show. She also is equipped with a swimming pool, swimming platform, tender garage, air conditioning throughout, BBQ area and a beach club. And for those guests who want to keep up with their beauty routine while at sea, they can enjoy some pampering in the beauty room onboard.

What superyacht wouldn’t be complete without a helicopter landing pad, which is typically located at the bow of the ship. Underwater lights have also been configured into the design on Jupiter which serve multiple purposes, including giving her a breathtaking appeal through the water, at night.


Information on Jupiter’s specs are vague as well. There is no mention of motor sizes or types of engines she is equipped for. Information has also not been released on her optimum speed or how far she can travel independently before a fuel refill is needed. We are only told of her 403-foot length and her 20m beam height. The rest may come as she is more exposed and has been out to sea a while. Superyacht enthusiasts are probably anxious to hear details and even see photos of her interior.

Regardless of the details, it is clear to see that she is grand; a magnificent superstructure that has truly brought a futuristic take on a sports superyacht, into the now. Lurssen’s longevity and expertise in the shipbuilding business has truly paid off when it came to Jupiter and you can be sure that everyone involved in the design and the build of this amazing vessel is proud of their final product.

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