Concept Cars from the International Automobile Fest in Paris

The International Automobile Festival ended ceremoniously on 5th February 2017, having completed its run successfully since 8 December 2016. It was hosted at Hôtel des Invalides and highlighted: the most beautiful car of the year, various major prizes, and a wide range of concept cars and designs. The latter comprised of more than 20 concept cars from the best designers in the world displayed in a 3,000 square meter space. This was the spectacle that was the 32nd International Automobile Festival. Amidst the mind blowing prototypes, a few couldn’t help but stand out from the rest. They introduced a new aspect of automobiles as we know it and took it to a whole new level, with the main theme being electric cars. Take a look at the top five concept cars from the International Automobile Fest in Paris.

1. Renault TREZOR

Renault TREZOR is arguably one of the most revolutionary concept cars of the century, representing a new generation of automobiles with futuristic styling and technology. The two-seater electric coupe is designed to maximize driving experience. It features a distinctive front end, welcoming lines, and C-shaped signature lighting. It also benefits from carbon bodywork and contrasting surfaces, as well as a smooth satin finish at the front symbolizing the dynamic character of the concept car. The hexagonal facets at the rear, metallic paint, and red windows accentuate its sporty, high tech personality. On the bonnet, the concept car is equipped with a honeycomb-like air inlet that evokes the rear bodywork design. Instead of a fuel flap on the driver’s side, an analogue gauge is used to display the car’s charge level. At the back, a red laser light is incorporated into the fiber optic signature lighting. The general interior of the Renault TREZOR Concept uses first-grade materials like leather and wood. The cockpit, in particular, combines craftsmanship and technology that overwhelms even the company most futuristic models.


A simple glance at the new Ds E-TENSE concept car reveals its gigantic build and speedy appearance. It is an all-electric performance car with some very impressive features. For starters, it has a power output of 396bhp and 381 pounds feet of torque delivered to the rear wheels. It is capable of sprinting from zero to 62mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 155 mph. According to DS, the car comes with a flat underbody and carbon fiber diffuser to boost aero, in addition to separate, double wishbone suspension and a low center of gravity. The exterior design includes an elegant front inspired by luxury watches and jewelry, and comes with LEDs. The rear of the car is also packed with full LEDs while the roof is fitted with indicators reminiscent of the 1955DS. The overall body is characterized by different types of strakes, vents, and edges, but there’s a noticeable absence of the rear windscreen. This is compensated by an interior digital rear view tech. Compared to a BMW 3-Series saloon, it is slightly longer at 4.7m but lower than the Audi TT with a 1.3m height from the ground. The cabin took a whole 800 hours to design and construct. The seat design is inspired from a “watchstrap” while the dashboard is made of sculpted steel.


The long-anticipated electric vehicle, courtesy of Jaguar, was born from a desire to create a spacious, sporty, and usable high performance SUV. The final result turned out to be more than just an upgraded SUV. The I-PACE Concept combines the conveniences of an electric powertrain by integrating a sleek 4-door body design with substantial cabin space, ultra-high performance, and 4-wheel capability. The concept car benefits from a new, bespoke battery electric car architecture designed by Jaguar’s in-house team. This architecture is based on aluminum, including the battery pack housing. The car’s drive is delivered by two permanent synchronous magnet electric motors, with one incorporated into each axle and then mated to a single speed epicyclic transmission. The powertrain offers rapid torque distribution, immediate response from standstill, and four wheel drive. The motors generate an equivalent of 197 bhp individually, translating to a power output of 395bhp and 516 pound feet of torque. This will help the car sprint from zero to 60mph in 4 seconds. The first production model will be available from the second half of next year.

4. Opel GT Concept

After a long period of mystery, the Opel GT Concept car is almost at the end of its design stages. It is turbocharged, lightweight, and has an exceptional styling. It is a complete sports car, with a two-seater capacity designed to compete with the best of the best. The name first appeared on an Opel sports car produced between 1968 and 1973, which subsequently went underground until 2007 when it appeared on a rebadged Saturn Sky. It was not heard of again until 2010, when the Pontiac and Saturn began to diminish.

The original GT boasted a seamless, mini Corvette structure planted over dainty, thirteen-inch wheels. It was astonishingly lightweight and came with 1.1 and 1.9-L four cylinder engines generating 102hp. The new GT shares only the name and basic format. The mirrors and door-handles have been ruthlessly trimmed off to achieve clean, minimal surfaces. Cameras have been integrated on the trailing edge of the wheel-arches linking to monitors on the right and left of the cabin, while a touchpad fitted on the roof allows you to control the electric powered doors.

5. Aston Martin AM-RB 001

The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 looks like something you’d see in a movie, but the concept car is as real as Donald Trump’s presidency. It is the fruit of a collaboration between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, designed to be the fastest street legal car on the planet. It has an exceptional styling, with a small passenger compartment and a motorsport-like keel crossing below the car. Approximately one hundred copies will be made, including two variants – a track only model and a fully street legal one. According to Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s chief technical officer, the track edition looks to be as fast as LMP1-class Le Mans endurance racers. The AM-RB 001 will be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine.

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