Everything You Need to Know about The Morgan EV3

Do you find you modern classic motoring just a little bit too enginey? If so Morgan has something for you on that front. Meet the EV3 the all-electric Morgan. Since launching the Morgan three-wheeler a few years ago, Morgan’s budget model has found many fans, but the news of a new electric model got many people excited.

For a company like Morgan, one rooted to the past, a concession to technology like an electric vehicle is a big one. According to Steve Morris, the managing director of Morgan Moto Co, the EV3 looks at the world of zero emissions motoring from an entirely different angle. The EV3 embraces new technology, delivers a responsible driving experience, and continues to celebrate our traditional motoring experience.

Now, this does not like any Morgan you’ve seen before, so rather than bumble about the EV3, lets just straight to some of the exciting features of the model.


The Morgan EV 3 sports a retro-chic exterior, and takes a tubular frame chassis design inspiration from the 1930s aero-engine race cars, classic motorcycles, and the 1950s fantasy automatons. The EV 3 is a flagship model for carbon composite, and it boasts of having its carbon bonnet, tonneau, and side pods, made in in the UK, made from the carbon. The remaining aluminum panels on the exterior are hand worked over an ash wood frame.

The fascia of the model sports large metallic grill, not just for looks but the solid brass bars up front surround the battery and provide cooling while adding to the aesthetics of the vehicle. And unlike the previous gas-powered model, the EV3 includes a distinctive off-center tri-bar headlight, which not only adds to the overall asymmetry of the design but also reminds us vaguely of the old P4-generation Rover75, – and low-slung running lights.

On the rear end, a dramatic tail lift, similar to the 1930’s Morgan 3 wheeler race cars has been reintroduced, consequently forming a visually forward posture. The forward look stance is bolstered with the low slung running lights carrying via the tubular form of the flanking pods.


Just like most of the sports car, the interior is pretty simple, mundane and straightforward. It’s not loaded with plenty of auxiliary gadgets. The Morgan EV 3 is a British-born bathtub on wheels; this bathtub has leather seating though. The interior sports a large driving wheel that offers you a direct connection between you and the road thanks to the incredible steering wheel and the skinny front tires.

The steering comfort package on the EV3 almost feels like a power steering system into the mix even though it’s just related to damping and changing suspension changes. However, it’s a nice addition to a bumpy highway as it allows you feel the pebbles on the road and you know exactly where you’ve placed the wheels.

However, the EV3 has a taste of modernity in its interior, and you can expect an entirely new dashboard arrangement featuring a classic “magneto” switch- a reminiscent of an aviation magneto switch that aids in drive selection, a digital screen, wood, brass, and polished aluminum.

Also, the interior sports a digital display in the instrument panel, displaying range and charge, alongside a conventional speedometer.


The Morgan EV3 is all electric, and it’s entirely production-intent. Based on the successful three-wheeler sports car, the EV3’s powertrain has been sourced from Frazer-Nash, a British Technology firm behind the Metrocab, London’s first all-electric taxi.

Swapping the 3 Wheeler’s 80bhp V-twin engine, the EV3 has a liquid-cooled 56bph electric motor that is fed by a 21kWh lithium battery. The EV3 now has a 120-mile range, with a battery power source that is matched to a 34.8kW motor driving the rear wheel.

However, despite the addition of a heavy electric powertrain, the EV3 weighs 500 kg, which is significantly lighter compared to the 525 kg of the 3-wheeler model.


The EV3 has superb driving dynamics; the model has all the characteristics of a lightweight British sports car. If you don’t know what to expect when driving the EV3, the car ignites new senses; when you drive it, you start listening to the road noises the tires make and the wind blowing towards you. You become more in tuned to a natural experience without the distraction of the engine.

Price and Release Date

The EV3s will be available in the market in the third quarter of 2018 and will be priced comparably to the gas-powered three-wheelers.

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