The 10 Most Expensive Fendi Belts


The Fendi company was founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925. Since it’s establishment it has become one of the most recognizable high end labels in the fashion industry. It offers opulent and lavish collections that merge timeless style with high quality Italian craftsmanship. Thanks to Adele’s influence, it has leaned towards feminine undertones, but has also made room for more masculine accessories as well. The Fendi logo is generally found on the buckle of the belt with the authentication serial number imprinted in the leather.

Fendi belts are made from premium quality materials and although they are on the pricey side, most fans view them as an investment in style and quality. A certain status goes along with owning a Fendi belt. These popular belts are among the most top rated for their appeal and value as an iconic treasure for anyone who has an interest in high fashion and top of the line designer accessories.

We’ve chosen the ten most expensive Fendi belts for your perusal.

1. Rainbow Belt


The Rainbow Belt is a high waist accessory that comes in printed leather style that features contrasting colors. The creators have also included two tone plexiglass studs for added eye appeal. A geometric motif combined with the bright tones of the materials results in a three dimensional effect for a one of a kind look. The closure features a metal hook type with detail made of elastic and covered in the softest black leather. This product was made in Italy.

Specs and pricing

This belt comes in a one size adjustable and is four cm in height. The price for this belt ranges between $600 and $910.

2. Fashion Show Belt in White Elaphe


This trendy Fendi belt features Flowerland flower decor over a two tone leather belt. It makes a bold yet feminine statement with conical studs in a variety of complementary shades. The fastening is a gold hook style. It has been crafted with a stretch detail that allows this belt to be adaptable to all body sizes. It is made in Italy.

Specs and pricing

The height of the Fashion Show Belt in White Elaphe is four centimeters. It is composed of one hundred percent Colubro snake leather with one hundred percent lamb leather and one hundred percent calf leather combined for the various pieces of the belt. The price ranges between $700 and $980.

3. Fashion Show Belt in Green Nappa


The second version of the Fendi Fashion Show Belt is available in green nappa. It is deocrated with Flowerland flowers which are one on tone. Conical studs are placed featuring finished of palladium and gold. It is fastened with a hook style hardware. This belt is crafted with a stretch detail that makes it adaptable to any body size.

Specs and pricing

This belt is composed of pieces which re one hundred percent lamb lether, one hundred percent ANS plus one hundred percent calf leather. It is made in Italy. The price for this belt ranges between $450 and $770.

4. Fendi Logo Buckle Belt


The prized Fendi Logo Buckle Belt bears the signature mark of this high end and prestigious company. This style is created for men and is available in black or multi colors.

Specs and pricing

The Fendi Logo Buckle belt is made in Italy. The stretch detail makes this belt adapt easily to most body sizes. It is one and a half inches in width and made of premium quality leather. It retails for an average price of $600.

5. Fendi Pebbled Leather Belt


The Pebbled Leather Belt offers a unique design that adds texture and dimension to the overall appearance. It is available in black on black or brown and black coal options. This edgy belt features the signature Fendi logo buckle.

Specs and pricing

The materials are calf leather and metal. This belt measures one and a half inches in width. The stretch detail makes it a one size fits all model. It is made in Italy. The average retail price is $500.

6. Fendi Logo Reversible Belt


Yet another in the trendy line of Fendi signature logo buckles. This version comes with a reversible feature that is equivalent to having two belts in one for additional convenience. Incomes in asphalt/black tobacco color. It is a one size fits all belt with a stretch detail that allows a good fit for most body styles.

Specs and pricing

This belt is made of leather and is made in Italy. The average retail price is $490.

7. Fendi Icon Leather Belt


The Fendi Icon Leather Belt is a popular fashion choice because of the signature logo buckle.

Specs and pricing

This belt is available in sizes 36;38;40;4244;46 and 48. The color is Blackboard red. It is made in Italy.

The average price ranges between $200 and $400.

8. Fendi Solid Leather Belt


The Solid Leather Belt is a luxurious accessory that features one hundred percent leather belt materials and is available in a blackboard military pattern and style.

Specs and pricing

This belt features a stretch detail that allows it to fit the body shapes of most people for a one size fits all type. The average retail price is $500.00.

9. Fendi Reversible Zucca Women’s


The Fendi Reversible Zucca belt is a feminine accessory that features two styles in one belt. It can be worn on either side for complementing a more diverse range of attire choices. It comes with the color choice of brown and pink.

Specs and pricing

The manufacturers offered no additional specifications for this item. The average retail price is $450, but can be found in high end retail stores occasionally for a reduced price of $360.

10. Fendi Women’s Blue Reversible Skinny Belt


This Fendi women’s belt features a skinny style for those who prefer a thinner yet high end belt accessory. It is a dress belt that is suitable for casual dressy attire.

Specs and pricing

The iconic logo buckle is the main feature of this belt which reverses from the smooth to a more highly textured calfskin leather. Th belt measures two inches in width and is forty seven inches in length. It comes in a navy and black option and regularly sells at retail price for $450.

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