Five Content Marketing Companies that are On the Rise

Content is king and a content marketing company will benefit your company in many profitable ways. Social media is essential for all types of products and services. The right strategist will give your business higher search engine ranking, higher domain authority, and the best overall online presence. Professionals will produce videos, posts, and blogs to stimulate interest to attract and retain your target group.
Browsers read or watch content that builds an impression of your brand. Content marketing decreases marketing costs, improves customer relationships, and the return on your investment consistently rises. Below are five content marketing companies considered to be rising stars in the field:

Column Five

Column Five’s expertise is a great package. Multi-disciplined teams of marketing specialists address content strategy, search marketing, and web design. Pay per click (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and analytics are part of the services. Column Five looks beyond page views and content output. Their business plan focus on increases in sales, engagement of customers, and retention.

The company’s begins with a unique plan based on documented successful marketing and profitable results. Your content will reach your potential customers. Earned, owned, and paid media channels are used for promotion. Additionally, content performance will be measured and analyzed for ongoing improvement.
Contracts include Red Bull, World Bank Group, and LinkedIn.


Propoint built its reputation with made-to-measure client services. The company offers approaches that incorporate motion graphics animation, corporate presentation designs, and branding. Agency awards include Platinum Awards and AVA Digital Marketing Awards.

Operations in Canada and the United States provide independent and irrelevant, quirky campaign designs. Their strategies transform concepts into consumer-friendly content. Propoint promotes itself as a small independent agency with many big-name clients. Whatever you need, the company has the staff to accommodate your particular niche. Professionals address benchmarking, pitch mistakes, and nostalgia marketing. They pride themselves on their authenticity.

Client list include Target, Forbes, and Google.


Keywee helps brands develop and promote their best stories. A plan is designed to reach your brand’s goals, create stories that engage, educate, and inspire your targets. Your stories will be seen and heard. The basics of creation and publication of winning content is detailed.

Keywee measures and reports on your performance across all channels. The goal of a brand is to make an impression and an impact on potential or converted consumers. Keywee [SR1]believes in telling an enthusiastic, effective story about your product and services. This agency collaborates with publishers and marketers on the entire marketing approach from identification and logo design to video direction and production.

The New York Times, Conde Nast, and the British Broadcasting Company are clients


Brafton is an experienced team of professionals that closely scans and evaluates your content for potential. They reach customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The agency began in 2008 as a small operation and grew into a diverse digital marketing partner. Its accomplishments have elevated its status to one of the major content marketing providers in the United States.
Brafton continues to evolve and adapt as the industry becomes a premium market with clients who are willing to pay for good campaign strategies. Their international locations service a growing number of loyal clientele. Content marketing strategists, social media experts, and email marketing are praised in company reviews.

Farmers Insurance, Sotheby’s, and (AIG) have launched successful campaigns with Brafton.

Content Harmony

Content Harmony covers the sales spectrum from branding and public relations to marketing software. The company prides itself on providing a working balance in all aspects of content. They concentrate on traffic goals, building email lists, and the all-important customer retention. All messages are orderly and consistent to build loyalty.
Content Harmony measures results to determine what is working best for your online and social media footprint. It is based in Seattle, Washington but has national clients. A newsletter and free guide to building minimum viable content marketing strategy are available.

Content Harmony clients include gaming companies, software training companies, and human resources firms.

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