Five Entertainers With Outrageous Demands Before A Show

Many celebrities are used to getting what they want. When it comes time for a performance, some celebrities ask for simple things in their dressing rooms, such as water and a snack. There are other celebrities, however, who make some very outrageous and ridiculous demands before they are willing to perform. Many of these requests frustrate and shock the promoters of the events. Below is a list of the most demanding celebrities and their outrageous requests.

Britney Spears

For years, Britney Spears has been performing in concerts for thousands of adoring fans. During the beginning of her career, Britney was very humble. She asked for very little if anything when she was performing for a live audience. As she became more famous, her list of demands grew and her demands became pretty bizarre. When she was performing at London’s 02 Arena in 2011, she requested a long list of things that she wanted in her dressing room.

Her first request was McDonald’s cheeseburgers sans the buns. She also asked for 100 figs, 100 prunes, and a fish and chips supper, which she claimed was fitting for the location. In her dressing room, she asked to have a framed photograph of Princess Diana. According to Britney, Diana was her inspiration and she adored her. She wanted to see a photo of her before she took the stage. When the venue read her list of demands, the McDonald’s cheeseburgers and the fish and chips weren’t that weird, however, they say that the figs and the prunes were strange.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was asked to sit down with a popular Russian talk show called Pust Govoryat. They wanted to talk to her about her failed relationship with Russian-born, Egor Tarabasov in August 2016. There were many speculations about the reason that couple split, however, according to Lindsay, she found out that Egor was cheating on her with a hooker. According to TMZ, Lindsay had a long list of demands that she wanted to have met before she would go on the show. She asked for a private jet, with a personal hairstylist, makeup artist, and a manicurist on board.

She also asked for a Russian visa that would be valid for one year, a penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton, and a personal meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Not only did she want a personal meeting, she also requested photos with him. Finally, she wanted some compensation, so she asked for 500,000 British pounds. It is not known if they met all of Lindsay’s demands, however, TMZ reported that they did give her some of the things that she requested.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was asked to do a music video to benefit the victims of terrorist attacks and the African AIDS epidemic in 2011. J-Lo, along with dozens of other performers were going to be participating in a remake of Marvin Gaye’s, What’s Going On. Her part in the video was being shot at Big Time studio in Miami. She didn’t seem to care that the performance was going to be for charity, and she still asked that a long list of things be provided to her to ensure her participation. She asked for a triple wide trailer that was no shorter than 46 feet long with two entry doors. She also requested the trailer contain a TV, VCR, DVD player, and a CD player.

She said that the trailer had to be all white with only white furnishings, curtains, and linens. She requested a long list of food and drink requests, however, the food could not be set up inside the trailer with her drinks. The food had to be set up outside. She also asked for a long list of music to be in her trailer to listen to, a wardrobe rack, and iron, ironing board, and a steamer. Finally, she wanted three types of fresh flowers to be in her trailer at all times. All of this cost the production company a great deal of money. This is money that could have gone to charity rather than to a demanding diva.


Madonna has had millions of fans for decades. Over the years, her tour demands have gotten more and more outrageous. When she tours, she wants there to be enough space to accommodate her 200 person entourage. This often means that she wants 19 additional dressing rooms. She also asks that a complete hot breakfast and fresh fruit is served to every person in her entourage. She also wants her dressing room to look just like her own home, which means that her furniture must be shipped to each venue.

She also asks for special flower scented fabrics and fresh flowers in her dressing room. Rather than asking for certain food items, she asks to her a personal chef on hand who will produce only began foods. Finally, she insists that she have her own dry cleaning service. All of her demands are extremely expensive. Chances are, it is more expensive to meet each and every one of demands that the venue makes in ticket sales. Since Madonna is such a huge star, concert promoters and venues are more than willing to meet her demands as long as it means that she will perform.

Marilyn Manson

In the past, Marilyn Manson has asked for plenty of strange things in his dressing room before a performance. Some of the more sane things include champagne, Doritos, cereal with 2% milk, and Haribo gummi bears. He also asks that he has air conditioning in his dressing room. The strangest thing that he has asked for is a bald prostitute with no teeth. It is unknown if the promoters and venues have ever come through with that demand. Considering this would be illegal, it is doubtful. It has been reported, however, that all of his other demands are usually met.

Celebrities know that they are loved, they know that they are famous, and they know that promoters and venues will do everything necessary to get the celebrity to perform. When this happens, celebrities request a lot of things in their dressing rooms. They know if they are important enough, that they will be able to get anything that they want.

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