Five Excursions You Must go on In Madagascar

Madagascar is a dream location especially for individuals who love spending time in the outdoors. It boasts of epic landscapes that feature remarkable diverse flora and fauna. It is possible to transverse through deserts to go to a desert in just a few kilometers. Around 5% of known plant and animal species are found here alone. Lemur is the signature animal on the island, but there are more beautiful and weird creatures. With dismal roads, there are plenty of adventures that make sure everyone has a blast in the 4th largest island in the globe. While visiting the place, here are the top excursions you must engage in.

Visit Antananarivo

It is a town where guests are assured of zero boredom because it is all about day trips, eating, history, and shopping. Many people never have a reason to explore the town because of its terrible traffic and pollution. It is a mistake because it has been home to Malagasy power for over three centuries.

There is a lot of culture and history to uncover, and guests are bound to spot some amazing wildlife animals. Here you also have the chance of visiting Haute-Ville that has gorgeous colonial buildings, excellent market and shops, incredible climate, and steep streets that are lovely to explore. It is also the go-to place for anyone who wants to treat themselves with an excellent meal without the hefty price tags.

Uncover Parc National de L’Lsalo

It is like a museum in Madagascar that is dedicated to the mysterious arts of the desert canyon. Yellow savannah grasses fill gorges alongside vertical rock walls, sculptured buttes, and most importantly deep canyon floors shot through with peaceful streams, swimming pools, and lush vegetation.

Be sure to be at the Parc during sunset because your eyes will feast on an image that you have probably never laid your eyes on. It is also easily accessible off RN7 one of the reasons it is one of the most visited parks. It presents a lot of room for explores as it covers over 800sq km. Hiking enthusiasts can choose time frames they want to walk around from two-hour hikes to the ones that take weeks. Rahohira a small town serves the park offering guests some of the most affordable restaurants and hotels.

Travel to Eastern Madagascar

Do not go to the island if you do not have intentions of visiting the Eastern part as it will be more or less a wasted trip. It is an area that presents a wilderness oozing primordial allure from a vast coast like that comes with overhanging palms and a pounding sea, misty mountains, and lush waterways.

The part of the county is isolated from the rest with degraded transportation network. Accessing the area requires a combination of a plane, vehicle, dirt bike, 4WD, pirogue, scooter, cargo boat, ferry, motorboat, and bush taxi. Inaccessibility lets travelers into undiscovered locales like national parks that give visitors a satisfying experience producing plenty of tales than anywhere on the island.

Nosey Be

It is the top-beach destination on the island. It is a relatively low-key spot for people who want to get away from crowds and experience tranquillity. Many consider it among the most expensive destinations as accommodation here can cost twice as much as the facilities on the mainland because it features a lot of exclusive resorts.

It lacks significant developments and slow (mora) lifestyles that many admire. The climate here is sunny all though thus revelers can look forward to soaking in a lot of vitamin D and spending quality time in the water swimming and engaging in other water sports such as snorkeling, and sailing. It is not all the destination has to offer as it also presents rolling landscapes where persons can explore the exceptional Reserve Naturelle Integrale de Lokobe that has vanilla, cocoa, and ylang-ylang plantations. Surrounding areas also feature waterfalls, crater lakes, and plenty of miles of dirt tracks that people can only access using quad bikes or on foot.

Take a Trip to the Manambolo River

It is a river that is deep red-orange originating from the highlands of Madagascar about 130 km from the capital city of the county Antananarivo. It descends through a landscape that is mostly deforested and flows to the Mozambique channel. Before getting to the sea, the river enters into Manambolo canyon. It is a spectacular feature with gorgeous sandstone cliffs as well as thick covers of deciduous forests. Many tiny Clearwater creeks are on the path of the river and following one of the creeks can be a rewarding experience.

There is an option of exploring the river on a canoe as there are many tour guides that facilitate this. This gives individuals an opportunity to see first-hand the communities that stay along the river as well as numerous species of birds like the Madagascar bee-eater and the colorful Malagasy kingfisher.

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