Five Experiences to Enjoy with Kids in Vienna

If you are taking a trip to Austria, you’re probably going to visit their historic capital, Vienna. Located along the Danube river in the east side of the country, the city has an unmatched artistic and intellectual legacy. Some of the biggest names out of Vienna include Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud. Adults can find a lot of things to do in Vienna. Whether you decide to check out the beautiful palaces and cathedrals, the modern art galleries, or perhaps some historical sites, you will enjoy your time in Austria’s capital.

But what if you’re bringing your kids? Well, there are quite a few things for children and teenagers to do out in the City of Dreams. As you plan your Austrian getaway, you should include stops at a few locations in the city that cater to the younger crowd. Read on to find out more about Five Experiences to Enjoy with Kids in Vienna.

Tiergarten Schönbrunn

The Tiergarten Schönbrunn, which translates to “Schönbrunn Zoo”, is a huge zoo located on the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. The zoo’s main claim to fame is that it is the oldest zoo in the Western world. It features some of the original baroque buildings (with modern updates) that will appeal to your historical sense. Plus, your kids will enjoy seeing some of the coolest animals on display in any zoo in the world.

The zoo is one of very few in the world that has giant pandas. In fact, a few pandas have been born over the past few years, expanding the zoo’s collection of animals. Tiergarten Schönbrunn also boasts a rainforest house – including a simulation of the Amazon rainforest, and a walk-through aquarium that simulates the Amazon while it is flooded. Another new exhibit features animals in unnatural habitats. This is a great stop for the historical value, and it would be perfect for kids, especially younger teens and children. Plus, it is an educational daytime excursion – something that Vienna has no shortage of.


Kapuzinergruft is the tomb of the Habsburgs, one of the most influential royal houses in Europe. This attraction is better suited for older kids, especially if they are into horror movies or creepy locales. The main portion of this tomb is called the Capuchin Crypt, and it houses the remains of more than 150 Habsburgs over the course of 400 years of rule. If you decide to venture into the darkness and dust of these historic burial grounds, you will need to make a reservation. However, the stories and excellent tours are worth the price. If you are into medieval European history – or maybe if your kids like Lord of the Rings or the Elder Scrolls series of video games – Kapuzinergruft is worth a visit on your Vienna trip.

Monki Park

If you find that you need to just kick back and let your kids wear themselves out, Monki Park should make it on your list of daytrips to take. The Park is a fully-indoor adventure, and features a lot of objects for your kids to climb around on. The main feature is the indoor climbing garden, which consists of a high rise set of obstacles. It also has a continuous safety rail, which will ensure that no children will fall and injure themselves. Another feature of Monki Park is a climbing wall divided into three levels of difficulty. At the highest difficulty, there is an overhang designed to make climbing this portion a bit harder. The wall also includes safety features to completely eliminate the risk of injury. All-in-all, Monki Park is a great place to go if your kids are getting restless – all you need to do is watch.

Technisches Museum

The Vienna museum of technology is a pretty cool destination for everyone that goes. It doesn’t cater to any one crowd in particular, making it equally-entertaining for both kids and adults. They have several permanent collections, and also include rotating exhibits as they pass through the city. Their permanent collections include technology from everyday life, energy and mining tech, information and communication tech, as well as a few other categories. These display old-style technology in a way designed to catch one’s interest and educate them. As far as temporary exhibits go, the offerings are always changing. One exhibit currently at the museum is ON/OFF – an interactive educational experience designed to teach someone about the power grid.


One of the best locations to visit for traveling with kids, Therme includes an indoor waterpark, a children’s play area, and several other amenities that are geared towards kids. However, Therme also features a spa, fitness programs, massages, and saunas – so you can relax too. Therme is a prime spot to make a daytrip in Vienna. Though it can be a bit pricey, it is well worth the money to get a taste of relaxation. After all, we all know that a vacation with kids – especially little kids – can be a lot of stress for a parent. You really will owe it to yourself to spend a day at Therme.

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