Five Gorgeous European Vacations Where Driving Is Beautiful

Many of us have dreamed of the perfect European vacation, where we get to just get away and relax in the beauty that various European countries have to offer. Because of all the wonder that is to be had on these getaways “across the pond”, many don’t think to take advantage of driving there, and seeing even more beautiful sites themselves. There truly is so much to be seen when you are driving yourself; You are able to adventure more, and make new experiences and memories to cherish. We’re sure you are thinking, “Where would you even start?” Luckily, in this article, we are going to count down five of the most gorgeous and beautiful vacation spots abroad that are best seen behind the wheel. With that said, let’s get to our countdown.

Chianti Region, Tuscany, Italy

Nothing truly beats the Italian countryside, and luckily for vacationers, there are excellent times to visit the Chianti region of Tuscany all throughout the year. Take advantage of the spring weather to experience all of the flowers in bloom, or choose to visit during the fall months, when you can experience all that grape harvesting has to offer. This area not only has a beautiful drive, but also has many amazing and quaint stops along the way where you can experience fine dining and other traditional and cultural treats that you wouldn’t normally get to experience. The Chianti region is also home to the Val d’Orcia Natural Park, which is located just south of Siena in the area. Needless to say, this is definitely a vacation that you would never forget.

Patagonia, Chile And Argentina

This area of the world allows for visitors to experience several different sites and landscapes all at once, from the towering mountain ranges and glaciers, to the rugged terrain followed by vast open spaces, and so much more. Patagonia is also home to a great deal of national parks that you can visit and hike through, such as Torres del Plaine National Park and Los Glaciares National Park, depending on which side of the border you decide to explore. The region is also home to areas where you can go hiking up the glacier trails and take up your hand in fly fishing as well.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Canada

The Great Ocean Road located throughout Victoria has been dubbed in the past one of the world’s greatest drives to take, and allows for many attractions and sites for tourists to see while out on the road. The most notable attraction that can be seen in this area is the Twelve Apostles, which are stacks of rock that have formed above sea level, coming out of the ocean. Along with this attraction, visitors can also see an array of untouched beaches, rugged cliffs, and much more, including the scenery that makes up the Great Otway National Park. This can make a great day trip for anyone of vacation, with many amazing stops to see along the way.

Take An Off Road Safari In Namibia

Let’s face it; At one point in everyone’s life, there has been some want to go out on safari and experience exotic animals in their natural habitat. Well, if you choose to visit Namibia in Africa, you can take advantage of heading your own safari adventure for you and your family. The region is home to the Etosha National Park, as well as the Ongava Reserve, where you can see all of the natural wildlife from your own point of view. There are also many other activities that you can do along the way, including spending time on the sand dunes, or even going whale watching near the Atlantic Ocean. This is a great vacation destination for those who want to experience a more exotic wildlife and sense of adventure than they ever have before.

The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This looping and winding driving trail allows for travelers to take in all the sites of the coastlines of Cape Breton Island of Nova Scotia. The Cabot Trail allows you to make your way through the mountain passes, while also getting amazing views for whale watching off the coasts, both east and west. There are also a fantastic amount of stops along the way to venture onto hiking trails, where you can see plenty of beauty and wildlife, such as the moose that roam around. If you love to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer, this is an excellent destination spot for you.

Of course, there are many other beautiful and mesmerizing areas of the world that were just short of our list. However, we do find that these five regions have a wide variety of gorgeous scenery and a plethora of activity for you and your loved ones to enjoy when you visit. So, what are you waiting for? Take the time and begin planning your once in a lifetime vacation today.

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