Five Gorgeous Glashütte Models for the Money Conscious

Apart from just helping you be punctual, wrist watches are the best but the simplest way to accessorize your outfit. They are highly versatile and at the same time functional hence adding convenience and elegance to how you look. It doesn’t matter what your gender is but there is something about having a watch on that keeps you looking classy. Also, they never go out of style as they have always been worn since time immemorial, but they still retain their place in the world of fashion. Nonetheless, with so many brands out there, it is difficult to settle for the right one and at an affordable price. That is why below is a list of five gorgeous Glashutte models for the money conscious person to help keep you in style and at the same time leave your wallet smiling.

Glashutte Men’s Tangomat 38.3 mm Watch

With a stainless steel case and a face made of crystal sapphire glass, this model combines simplicity and functionality giving you a highly unique watch. It has a white interior and tempered blue hands which easily blends with any outfit that you may be wearing. The strap has medium thickness and is made of leather which means that it is not only stylish for a man but also comfortable and you will not even notice you have it on until someone comments on how beautiful it is. It has an automatic winding and is also waterproof thus you need not worry about forgetting to put it back on as there is no reason to remove it in the first place. Similar to many other Glashuette models, it has an in-house movement which assures you of is accuracy. In regards to the price, it retails at a price range of $2000 to $2499 depending on your retailer.

Glashutte Original Pavonina Galvanized Quartz

Ladies too are not left out, and this model is just everything from its impeccable design and also its features. It has a stainless steel case and is scratch resistant. Imagine wearing a watch even while in the kitchen and not having to worry about it getting scratched or being affected by water. With this gorgeous Glashutte model, ladies no longer have to worry about those aspects. It has a cushion shaped bracelet which works for your comfort purposes and is also flexible so that it fits perfectly. Regarding functionality, it has a date window and an analog dial type. It comes with two years of warranty for quality assurance and retails at a price range of$3000-$3999, but once again that depends on your retailer.

Glashutte Tetra Neomatik 39 Silver Cut

This one stands out from all the other Glashutte models thanks to its square shape. Apart from its unique shape, it prides itself on an exceptional number of features such as an ultra-thin highly accurate automatic dial. As its name suggests, it has a silver gray finish on the dial and a sapphire crystal glass coating on its inside. Its shape makes it suitable for both genders but looks better on a man. The hands are tempered blue but it has a seconds dial on its own, and the hand of it is red colored. It is also water resistant up to 165 meters underwater. It costs $3980.

Glashutte Ludwig 33

Going at a reasonable price of about $1700, the Ludwig 33 is the ultimate watch for someone who likes keeping it classy and simple at the same time. Similar to the other top five gorgeous Glashutte models of all time on our list, it too does not disappoint. It has a manual winding and a galvanized white silver-plated dial. The strap is made of leather and has a diameter of 32.8 mm. It has steel hands which have a tempered blue color. Mostly available in a whitish grey color which makes it perfect for any outfit you put on.

Glashutte Ahoi Date Siren Blue

As its name suggests, it has a siren blue color on its face which helps you stand out easily even amidst crowds. The straps are black, and the combination of this two colors brings out a quite good looking watch.It is not only good in appearance but also in functionality. It has a 40 mm diameter and automatic winding. The case is made of sapphire crystal glass and is suitable for diving as it has a water resistance of up to 20 atm. It has a separate face for seconds which is just beneath the minutes and hours hands. For all these features, you only pay 4660 USD.

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