Five Sneaker Trends to Look for in 2017

2016 was dominated by the leisure and athletic look that became so popular and swept quickly throughout the nation. This fashionable and comfortable trend made it possible to look good and be casual at the same time, creating a widespread love of the relaxed look that makes one appear to be at ease even when they are attempting to look their best. This is why 2017 seems poised to offer an extended stay for this type of trend, as all signs seem to point to this immutable probability. The only difference might be that it will become enhanced with more color, which would only increase the appeal.

Sneakers have always held a certain appeal for many crowds, and 2016 saw a definite rise in their popularity. There was a wide variety of choices to decide upon when going shoe shopping just last year, and the many different trends often made for a difficult choice when attempting to decide just what type of sneaker to purchase and then which ones to wear to what function. With sneaker trends being so highly prized at this moment there’s no reason to think that they will disappear anytime this year, especially considering the popularity of the trends that will be listed below. From the classic white sneaker to the more lavish designs, sneakers are the way to go when stepping out to the gym or just for a casual stroll.

5. Embroidered – Ash Vanina Hi-top Sneaker by Free People

Each pair of these stylish canvas sneakers are like a blank sheet just waiting to be filled with bright and vibrant designs. The classic style is one that has existed for generations now, starting decades ago when they were the envy of every kid on the ball field up until the present day when they have become a huge fashion statement for the hip and trendy. From the wraparound soles to the stitch-like laces, these shoes are a favorite that can be purchased as is or, as happened so often in the past, customized by their owners to reflect their own personal sense of style. This is no doubt one of the most versatile styles to ever be produced and exists as one of the favorite of buyers everywhere.

4. Streetwear – Turin Metallic Elastic Trainer by Topshop

Sometimes you just need something comfortable and functional to wear out. The Elastic Trainer is just the right shoe that anyone needs while walking or performing any kind of strenuous activity. Its elastic band, not featured on any other shoe, is made to keep the laces bound and to prevent any flopping that could possibly untie a knot or allow the laces to become ruined in any way. It’s a perfect casual shoe and offers a great deal of comfort with its synthetic interior. Its interior cushioning provides more support to the arch of the foot that can help when walking for long distances. Overall this shoe conveys a sense of style and practicality that is hard to argue with.

3. Metallic – Puma Basket Metallic Platform Sneaker by Puma

No one will miss you in these bright and vibrant fashion statements. Metallic shoes have become quite the rage as of 2016, as if you look closely enough athletes from more than one sport have been seen to favor such footwear. Whether on or off the field the glint of metallic shoes is simply mesmerizing, and their supportive soles are wide enough and thick enough to offer a great deal of cushion. The metallic trend might fade given time, but it won’t likely ever go away completely, as it says that the wearer is someone who likes to flaunt what they have, which is style and more than a bit of pizzazz. While others favor the muted and even conservative colors, those that sport these bright and flashy kicks are bound to get noticed simply because of the bling that they’re representing.

2. Velcro – Adidas Original Stan Smith Velcro Sneakers in White by Adidas

Some might say these are outdated or even nostalgic to the point of being childish, but the truth is that sometimes you’ve got places to be and tying your shoes can be kind of a hassle. The old school Velcro feel is something that no one ever really gets tired of, as it’s a mainstay from childhood that never goes away. The white sneaker look is timeless and never gets too old to flaunt, but sometimes it needs to be switched up and given a bit of boost to truly show a new and refreshed sense of style. Velcro is easy, it’s quick, and it can be just as fashionable as laces, sometimes even more so. It’s hard to deny that the look works, especially considering that many a celebrity and noted personality have seen fit to wear this style when taking some leisure time. Sometimes the new styles need the old to look good.

1. Satin- Zara Sateen Sneakers by Zara

This trend had come and gone over the years, proving to be just as tenacious as it is fashionable. While it’s not a good trend to wear out in the rain, it’s still a stylish and effective way to flaunt your sense of fashion. These sneakers are so versatile and easy to wear that they can serve as a perfect accessory to almost any outfit, adding to the style of any casual ensemble you choose to wear as they showcase your obvious good taste and fashion savvy to the world.


For some people shoes are just useful and utilitarian articles of clothing that are designed to cover and protect your feet. Those with even an iota of fashion sense however know that the right pair of shoes can help to accentuate an outfit, show a personal sense of style, and add prestige to one’s look. Shoes are meant to be fashion statements, and the sneaker trends that were created in 2016 accomplished this quite easily. With the coming year already showcasing what will no doubt be a continued resurgence in shoe fashion, these trends will no doubt stick around for a while.

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