Five Superyachts We’re Psyched to See in 2017

So to clarify, a boat is a vessel you use to go fishing or out for a day of pleasant cruising on the lake or other area of water. It is quaint, pleasurable, and fairly easy to maintain. A yacht is a luxury vessel that can measure anywhere from 40 to 80 feet in length, has multiple decks, and is built much like the interior of a home. Superyachts on the other hand are vessels that can measure anywhere from 80 to 200 feet in length and are in effect a luxury mobile home that can move across great bodies of water. Most superyachts boast an impressive crew and multiple decks that can house entire families and are generally only owned by corporations or the super rich.

Such vessels are among the upper echelon of comfort and elegance when it comes to the various frills and expenses that are never spared in their creation. While they are not the top tier of the yachting world they are without a doubt an impressive sight to behold when they are gliding across the water, usually with passengers out on the decks either basking in the open air or simply enjoying the ride. After all, what’s not enjoy when you’re sitting aboard a vessel that that costs at least a few million to operate and maintain? Those who do manage to purchase one of these beauties are those who generally have the means and the need to show off a craft that is big enough to have its own helipad. In the coming year, these are the top five superyachts that enthusiasts and owners alike can’t wait to see hit the water.

5. Project Jubilee by Oceanco

From a distance it might look like any other superyacht, but upon closer inspection this 361 foot superyacht is a wonder of modern design and engineering. Built primarily of steel and aluminum, the ship is an impressive specimen that doesn’t so much rest in the water as it seems to pose, as though confident in its own superiority on the waves. It features a glass elevator that services every deck and a spacious swimming pool on the aft deck, as well as an astounding amount of interior space. Featuring a very sleek and sturdy design, the Project Jubilee is bound to be an impressive sight when finally launched and put through her paces. As of now the superyacht is still under construction, but the hopes are that it will be available for rent, lease, or sale very soon.

4. Kleven 370 by Kleven

Looking more like a utilitarian vessel than any type of luxury superyacht, the Kleven 370 is still an impressive sight as it plows through the waves, its dark exterior allowing it to stand out as singular force on the water. Despite the overall rugged look of the ship it is still replete with many features that offer a great deal of comfort and add to its appeal. The ship is also able to impress by the fact that it has a range of around 8,500 nautical miles and can reach up to 16.4 knots. Even considering its size this is an impressive statistic that adds to the allure of the vessel.

3. Project Jupiter by Lurssen

Luxury is the keyword for this impressive-looking vessel, and it could easily followed up by describing the sleek and even sexy design that tapers towards the bow, creating an almost dagger-like appearance that seems as though it could cut its way through any oncoming wave. The coloring and design give it an even more modernized look, causing this incredible vessel to appear not unlike something straight out of a major motion picture. There is no doubt of the hefty price tag that comes with this superyacht, as its appearance alone and the fact that it increases the appeal to many could tack on a few more zeroes to the overall cost. What is even more certain is that many who happened to see this superyacht and could afford it would undoubtedly do so if only for the sheer pleasure of seeing the looks of envy on the faces of those that watch them sail by.

2. Dream Symphony by Dykstra

Such a beautiful name for such a unique vessel, it almost makes one think that this vessel will be one of a kind, which would be accurate. The Dream Symphony is different from other yachts due largely to the fact that it is built entirely of timber. The entire length is constructed from various layers of the African hardwood, iriko. Each deck features multiple layers of the precious wood, varying only based on the size of each compartment and of course by necessity to maintain the structural integrity. Dream Symphony also holds the appeal that it is the world’s largest yacht to be powered by sails alone. The vessel features four masts and 4,800 square meters of sail, creating a magnificent sight when each sheet is fully unfurled and allowed to catch the winds. The ship was originally scheduled to be delivered in 2016, but suffered a few unfortunate delays. The anticipation for its arrival is high coming into 2017, but only time will tell if this will happen.

1. Sailing Yacht A by Nobiskrug

This vessel is an absolute monster, stretching out for almost 143 meters and featuring three carbon-fiber masts that can hold up to 3,474 square meters of sail. There are eight decks to this seagoing beast, with elevators that can service each level and floating spiral staircases as well. It can accommodate up to 20 individuals along with its full complement of 54 crew members, who are a must to operate this vessel. Upon initial looks this superyacht almost looks unfinished thanks to its swooping design and slightly truncated aft portion, but after a closer look it can be seen that the Sailing Yacht A is in fact a very complete and sound piece of modern design that is more than capable of entertaining or serving as a home away from home for the person lucky enough to own such a craft.


There is luxury and then there is decadence. With a superyacht there might even be a new, more grandiose level that cannot be fully explained with words but must instead be experienced. For those lucky enough to even step onto the deck of one of these superyachts as a guest, the excitement and wonder would no doubt be the experience of a lifetime. Just watching them glide along the water would be quite the sight.

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