Five Ways Businesses Can Save Money When Sending Parcels Abroad

Sending mail is a core expense for most businesses, particularly those who are shipping goods and products abroad. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money when sending mail internationally. Businesses of any sizes that are looking to save money should consider taking the following action.

Shop Around

Finding the best parcel delivery deal for your business doesn’t have to be time consuming. There are plenty of comparison websites available, such as Parcel Delivery, which will enable businesses to find the most affordable parcel delivery solution for your business needs. Most comparison websites will provide you with an accurate quote from a variety of couriers, based on the height, weight and size of your parcel. They will also take into consideration the distance your item is being sent, which will have a huge influence on the cost of international delivery.

Package Correctly

It’s a common mistake for businesses to over-pack their products, particularly if they are fragile items. It’s important to find the right balance between protecting your products and keeping the cost of postage down when sending items abroad. Too much packaging can add extra weight to a parcel, which will increase the cost of delivery. Under packing items can lead to them getting damaged in transit, which will cost more money in the long term. Use materials like bubble wrap which are light but provide adequate protection.

Charge Your Customers

Companies that don’t have a shipping and postage policy should create one. Let your customers know when they will be charged for international delivery and when the business will pay. Most business charge their customers for anything above the standard service. For example, if your business has a premium services available, including overnight air delivery or specified day delivery, your business could save money by creating an international shipping policy. Of course, it’s important to be balanced when it comes to setting prices as if they are too high you will put customers off of ordering from your company.

Use a Postage Meter

This is a vital piece of equipment for any small business owner. A postage meter is a portable device which has a scale for weighing packages, parcels and letters. It uses this information to assess the exact cost of sending a parcel and even prints shipping labels for you. This means that your business won’t have to rely on the courier estimating the weight of a package and charging you extra just in case your item exceeds weight requirements.

Send Bulk Orders

Wherever possible send a consignment with several orders in one to reduce the cost of shipping. There are many couriers, such as ParcelForce, which offer 10% discounts for global delivery when a bulk order is placed. This strategy can be highly effective for saving money but it’s not necessarily going to work for every business. However, if you’re a well-established brand with a huge market in a particular country it is worth considering.

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