Is Happn The Dating Site We’ve Been Waiting For?

There are a multitude of dating sites on the internet and all of them feature a supposedly foolproof way to interact with others. The trouble is finding the one that is geared for the individual and won’t break the bank in the process of finding that perfect someone. So many people have gone one way or another with dating sites that frustration was the only possible outcome at times.

There are dating sites for virtually every human being on this world, as the classifications have gone so far as to be for black-dating sites, over-50 sites, farmers-only sites, and a host of many, many more that seek to be specialized and offer just what an individual is looking for. Then there are those that don’t specialize at all and offer a sort of hit and miss option that can be even more frustrating and at times even a bit risky.

Those sites, such as Craigslist and even a few of the better known sites like Tinder and, are supposedly safe considering that the posts that people send in are closely monitored and screened for any high-risk behaviors or flagged subjects that might cause a problem. Unfortunately, the majority of dating sites are still a gamble that ends up snake eyes most of the time.

What is Happn?

Happn is a relatively new dating site, and before you simply stop reading and roll your eyes, take a minute to understand what this site aims to do.

Think about someone you might have crossed paths with during your average day, not someone you know or someone you’re on a first-name basis with, but someone that caught your eye and held it for more than just a glance. Maybe you were on the move and couldn’t stop at the time, or maybe you just didn’t think quickly enough to say “hi”. That is where Happn steps in.

The trick with Happn is that you need to be a member, and so does that person you might have noticed. You might be thinking that this is a quick way for the founders to make a buck at the expense of their clients, but in truth it has already managed to instill a great deal of faith in thousands upon thousands of users. Humanity is a social species that will always feel the need to interact and to connect with one another, and Happn can, pardon, the pun, make it happen. Should you come across another Happn member that catches your eye, your phone or mobile device will be sent a signal in recognition of that member and if you do miss that person then you can look at their profile later on to see who you might have missed.

If you like what you see, all you need to do is respond with a heart emoji to show interest. If that person is interested in you as well then you will receive a message, and can take your chance from there. The initial message is completely anonymous and will not allow the other user to access your information unless they respond. This way you can at least show interest and not risk too much getting out if the person you’re interested in happens to be a bit more than you are ready to handle or, in some high-risk cases, is a scammer looking to gain your information.

The Founders

In 2014 Happn was finally released, its initial run taking it to the current position it now enjoys as one of the more popular dating services on the internet. The founders, Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen, and Antony Cohen, came up with the idea to bring people together based upon mutual interests and what might seem like pure chance.

Roughly 100,000 signed up to use Happn in the first five weeks after its launch, making it one of the most successful sites in their initial release. Since then their client base has been building as more and more people continue to make use of the service, seeking their best connections and finding new and interesting people to converse with. This is one of the premiere dating sites of the decade, and it is only getting better as time goes on.

People meet under the most random circumstances sometimes, and with Happn it can occur just as randomly, but with a definite twist. Using your mobile device, Happn keeps track of where you are in real time. When another member is found to be passing through a site you visit on a regular basis your device will be given a message, showing where the two of you cross paths now and again, which in turn can give a better idea of how you might find the most opportune moment to bump into that special someone.

Pros and Cons of Happn

Every site is going to have its up and down sides considering that the essence of the service is to have you interact with another person. Whether or not you decide to use this service it’s best to know what you’re getting into, if only to understand what could happen and if it’s worth the effort.


1) This has a much better chance of getting people together than the average hit or miss of so many other dating sites. It takes your location in real time and actually gauges how often you and that special someone pass by the same location.

2) Instead of waiting online to see if you get any hits on your profile, you can be out and about and possibly be in the same spot when your person of interest arrives.


1) You might not be at your best on an average day and could give a less than stellar first impression. In

dating first impressions are everything, which is why this could be a bit awkward if you’re not constantly ready to meet someone.

2) While it’s less of a concern thanks to real time location, there is a chance that this site could suffer from abuse, which could potentially put users at risk.


Overall Happn is a very innovative and forward-thinking site that is promoting social interactions between users in an effort to make that once in a lifetime chance become a reality. As a dating site it is a very new and different way to meet people, almost like real life but with just a tiny bit of a virtual shove.

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