The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second Limited Edition

Jaeger-LeCoultre is celebrating their entry into the e-commerce world with a new edition of the watchmaker’s Geophysic True Second. Patrons now have a more convenient option for examining collection pieces online. The latest Geophysic True Second will only be made available for purchase through the online platform at in the regions where their new e-retail platform has been activated. Meeting the highest expectations of Jaeger-LeCoultre brand loyals is the priority in providing additional viewing and purchasing options and what better way than with a new version of the popular Geophysic True Second variant.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic True Second Limited Edition

The Geophysic True Second Limited Edition features a deep blue dial with just 100 pieces being made. The same watch with a more colorful personality. A collectors piece in the making which will retain its value and become more rare with the passage of time.

A new exciting example with the characteristics of the original production version of the Geophysic True Second now offered with a deep blue sunburst dial which is uniquely marked and set apart with a central cross.

Technical specifications


The stainless steel case measures 39.6mm and is resistant to water up to 50 meters. “Limited Edition one of 100 pieces” engraving on the caseback offers distinction signalling that a restricted number of examples have been manufactured.


The Geophysic True Second is powered by the same caliber 770 movement as the original version, with Gyrolab balance and a winding rotor of solid gold. Self-winding with 40 hour power reserve and 22 carat pink gold pink oscillator. Featuring a deadbeat seconds complication, responsible for the name of the watch. Hour, minutes, deadbeat second functions with the date indication box located in the three o’ clock position on the dial. Luminous dots set within the flange under the sapphire crystal. Sharp hands treated with lume to indicate hours, minutes and seconds are slender yet highly visible.


The black alligator strap of previous versions has been replaced with a brown calfskin material with patina for the limited edition.


The Geophysical True Seconds is inspired by the chronometer watches created in the late 1950s for explorers and scientists. The original design was the celebratory example made in 1958 to commemorate the International Geophysical Year which was an era of vast discoveries in the realm of science and exploration.


The limited edition example offers a more intensely colorful aesthetic compared to the clean and classic ambiance of its predecessor. A more playful personality is the true distinction that sets the Geophysical True Seconds limited edition apart from the previous version. Still clean and classic, it has a more distinct flavor of excitement and adventure, which points backwards in time to the age of discovery and exploration that catapulted the world forward into more advanced invention and enhanced knowledge.

Forward movement of the watchmaker

In a similar progression that values science and technology, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking company is following the trend of offering e-commerce as an option for browsing and purchase of the limited edition luxury watch. Not previously offered in this platform, the company is honoring forward progression and jumping on the bandwagon by entering the world of online commerce and only offers their new example on this venue. You won’t find this watch in the retail stores.


The Geophysic True Second Limited edition is a variant that increases in value over the standard edition by $800. It will be offered for the retail price of $9,900 per piece. It is currently available for purchase in the online format where available. The Jaeger-LeCoultre online site is up and running in many locations.

Final thoughts

A new luxury collectible watch honoring the tradition of the watchmaker with an infusion of a more modern personality, and a nod to the advancement of technology is embodied in the efforts of Jaeger-LeCoultre with their new venture. Bear in mind, that for some areas, the new online format is still in the developmental stage. Perhaps a little patience may be required for some patrons,until the website realizes its full potential. There is little doubt that the latest rendition of the collectible edition Geophysic True Second represents a change in the way business is conducted for the company. A new move that admirers of the brand are likely to embrace.

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