Koenigsegg is Building its Final Ageras

Koenigsegg is short for Koenigsegg Automotive AB, which is a Swedish manufacturer of sports cars that started up in the mid 1990s. Although Koenigsegg lacks the sheer history that can be found behind some of its competitors, it nonetheless built momentum at a remarkable pace, so much so that it was receiving much critical praise for its products by the late 2000s. As a result, while Koenigsegg is still by no means a huge, sprawling multinational corporation in the present, its name is nonetheless one of note in its chosen line of business.

Regardless, Koenigsegg’s name has been in the news because of its announcement that it will be stopping production on the Agera once it completes the two that it is producing at the moment. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, the Agera was a model that was revealed in 2010, which drew a fair amount of inspiration from its predecessors but incorporated a wide range of new features to result in something capable of standing on its own. At the time, the Agera received much interest, which explains why it has managed to remain in production until now.

There are a couple of reasons that the end of production for the Agera should be considered significant. First, it is no exaggeration to say that the Agera is the car that cemented Koenigsegg’s reputation in its chosen line of business, meaning that even though its production is coming to a close, it has had an immense impact on the manufacturer. Second, now that the production of the Agera is coming to a close, Koenigsegg will be down to a single product, which will be the much more recent Regera that was introduced in 2015.

What Are Koenigsegg’s Plans From This Point Forward?

However, it is important to note that this isn’t a sign for concern on the part of people who are interested in Koenigsegg. After all, it isn’t stopping production on the Agera because it has run into problems of some kind. Instead, it is planning to launch a new car that will be introduced in 2019, which has outright been stated to be a successor to the Agera.

Not too much information has been revealed about the successor to the Agera at this point in time, but not too much information isn’t the same as no information whatsoever. First and foremost, it has been revealed that the new car won’t be taking after the Regera but rather the Agera in the sense that it won’t be a car meant for the road but rather something closer to being a race car. Moreover, it has been promised that the new car will be even more powerful than the Agera, though considering the specifications of its predecessor, it will be interesting to see how this will be achieved. For example, there has been some speculation from certain quarters that the new car will make use of a further improvement on the twin-turbocharged V-9 engine. Likewise, there is more speculation that the new car will be made using new materials that will be lighter but stronger than those used in the Agera. Whatever the case, interested individuals will have the chance to see the machine in 2019, though those who are in a particular hurry should know that they might be able to get a look at it via virtual reality at an earlier point while waiting for the actual machine to be made.

Summed up, Koenigsegg’s choice to stop production of the Agera is the natural next step considering that the car has been in production since 2010. This is particularly true because the Swedish manufacturer has made it clear that it is planning to introduce its successor, which will presumably start being produced at some point following its planned introduction in 2019. As a result, while fans of Koenigsegg might be a bit miffed by the fact that one of its cars is passing into the history books, they have plenty of reasons to be excited about what lies ahead, particularly considering the promises that have been made. After all, the Agera was already an extraordinary machine, so if Koenigsegg is willing to be so bold when it comes to its claims regarding its replacement, the bright is looking rather bright to say the least.

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