Make Any Jacket Sub-Zero With Ultralight Heat from Ravean


While technological advancements have placed incredible processing power and a wide range of features in the palms of people’s hands, one of the lesser-explored areas in the field is technological clothing. Although there are accessories that can be worn to track steps, calories, and other biometric statistics, there are little actual pieces of clothing that provide more than a comfortable fabric.

This seems to be a gaping hole in today’s technology. Companies like Ravean have noticed and begun to create clothing that offers high tech features. Ravean is known for its jackets that have a built-in heating system to customize the wearer’s experience. However, the latest heated down jacket from the company includes a far wider range of technological features, as well as an improved design.


Ravean is a company that is dedicated to changing lives through clothing. Its jackets offer a comfortable, attractive, and customizable way to stay both fashionable and warm. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the company’s willingness to listen to consumers. After releasing its first jacket, there were several issues pointed out by customers. Ravean was clearly receptive to such input, as they have vastly improved their already impressive heated jackets.

The Team

  • Bryce Fisher is one of Ravean’s co-founders. Bryce has an entrepreneurial spirit which has led him to start successful businesses in several different industries. He is very experienced in marketing.
  • Jon Bybee is a co-founder and the company’s Creative Director. He has a wealth of experience in product design, illustration, and acting as the creative director for other companies.
  • Henry Deutsch is a co-founder of Ravean. He was a leading figure in early Far East sourcing, and therefore brings invaluable insight into trading across borders and between cultures.
  • Ezra Kwong is the final co-founder of Ravean. He loves building successful companies and is passionate about delivering quality products to consumers.


A great deal of time and effort has gone into perfecting the Ravean Ultralight Heated Jacket. In addition, Ravean has ensured that consumer input has had a direct effect on the newest iteration of these jackets. Several significant improvements have been made to the jacket since the first version was released.

However, Ravean expects to have the jackets delivered quite quickly. The crowdfunding campaign will be completed by the new year, with funds being collected throughout January. Production is expected to finish by July 15, which will allow the jackets to be delivered to backers by August 15, 2017.


Having a jacket that combines heating technology with fantastic looks while being incredibly light is clearly something that many people desire. The online support for the project has been staggering, with the Kickstarter campaign raising over $270,000 despite only setting a $20,000 goal. Nearly 1300 backers have supported the creation of this jacket thus far.

The Jacket

The Ravean Ultralight Heated Jacket is a gorgeous item that one would not expect to host a large amount of technology. It offers a great fit and supreme comfort, and its heating system means that it is perfect for any setting. With its weight being nearly cut in half from the previous Ravean jacket, it is excellent to wear on its own or under another coat. As well, it offers several unique technological features that make wearing this jacket as convenient as it is comfortable.

Heating System

Naturally, the highlight of this item is its unique heating system. The Ravean heating system is able to provide the wearer with heat ranging from 5F to 55F when worn without a shell. This range is accomplished by the inclusion of three different heat levels: high, medium, and low.

The heating system is not only incredibly versatile and comfortable, it is also easy to use. The jacket has a single button that can be pressed to change the heat setting between the three levels. As well, Ravean has directed the heat to the most needed areas: the chest, back, and pockets.


While the jacket’s heating system is unique, simple, and allows the wearer to be comfortable in any setting, its design is perhaps equally impressive. The jacket weighs only 80 grams. This superlight jacket is easily portable and comfortable even though it includes a battery. The battery, as well, is thoughtfully located under the left arm so that the weight is carried by the shoulder.


With a range of batteries that the buyer can choose from, the jacket provides an additional benefit that just about everyone can appreciate: it can charge a phone. The Ravean Ultralight Heated Jacket provides up to four charges for mobile devices, which allows the wearer to stay connected to others even on long hikes.

Additional Features

In addition to the jacket’s heating system and charging capabilities, it is also incredibly durable. Ravean has tested the jacket’s toughness by running it over with a truck. As well, the jacket can be washed without worry. Ravean has even included an additional water-resistant outside chest pocket and removable hood. This lightweight jacket is packed with incredible features.


Due to its incredible popularity on Kickstarter, some of the discounted prices have already sold out. Buyers should act quickly in order to take advantage of the discounts still available for early purchases. Currently, the jacket can be purchased for $119, saving $10 off the normal Kickstarter price. There are also deals for purchasing more than one jacket and for purchasing a battery with the jacket.


Wearable technology is an emerging industry that is still in its infancy. Companies like Ravean, however, are paving the way for the creation of clothing that offers a diverse range of benefits to the wearer. Its recently upgraded heated jackets, for example, are warm, comfortable, light, and can even charge mobile devices.

This jacket is a thoughtfully designed product that can be worn in any season. It is the ideal jacket for people who hate dressing in layers only to find that the day is surprisingly warm, or dress light only to find that the day is cold. It offers a simple and elegant solution to this problem by providing three levels of heat. As well, it eliminates the worry about one’s phone dying because it can charge mobile devices.

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