Mistbox is a New Product that Proves to Cut AC Bills by 30%

The internet of things is a concept that tells us that, in the near future, everyday household items will work to help us in our daily lives. Hyper connectivity means that things like coffee makers will learn our daily habits, alongside our alarm clocks, to automatically produce coffee in line with our needs. Our curtains will automatically open and close. Our cars, will warm the engines and seats before we get in, even our boilers will assess our times of usage and respond accordingly. In line with the concepts of the internet of things, comes the Mistbox.

The Mistbox is a self-contained unit that attaches to your existing AC. It learns your habits whilst managing its own maintenance. What sets Mistbox apart is that its smart learning not only benefits you, but also the environment at large. Green energy is the future, and the internet of things is the most effective way to establish green energy with minimal effort. That means no need to set timers, alerts or make marks on your calendar.

The Mistbox does everything you need for you, whilst running at a lower cost than anything on the market right now. Unlike many smart devices, Mistbox doesn’t need time to learn your preferences. It’s universally compatible with any AC unit. Once connected, Mistbox uses evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of the input air, a concept known as pre-cooling. Pre-cooling air uses very little energy whilst reducing your overall AC energy intake by 30%.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, that lots of companies promise huge savings with little evidence to back it up. Intertek conducted a full study with Mistbox using SEER ratings. That means, identical temperature and humidity conditions were applied throughout the test on a 3 ton, 13 SEER carrier system. The testing results showed a huge energy saving when AC units were used with a Mistbox.

A personal saving of 30% can make a big difference to your electric bill, especially in warmer climates. More than that, a 30% reduction in energy output could make a significant difference to the ozone layer. If everybody fitted a Mistbox to their existing AC unit, reducing global cooling by 30%, by 2030, it would be the equivalent of taking 5 billion cars off the road. That’s an astounding reduction in C02 emissions. The Mistbox is a simple to install, effective piece of smart, green energy equipment.

So, with all the benefits on we’ve discussed so far, let’s talk about the fine detail. The Mistobox is incredibly easy to set up. Using only a screwdriver the Mistbox latches on to your existing AC unit. From here, it uses sensors to measure when your air conditioning is on or off, as well as the health of your system. When the conditions are ideal the Mistbox nozzles release a fine mist without wasting water.

In addition to saving water, the Mistbox charges itself directly from your AC, using a bespoke wind turbine generator that is powered by the exhaust air from your AC. This means that the Mistbox operates off the grid and won’t consume any extra energy from an external power source.

Finally, the Mistbox can be measured directly from your smartphone using a simple app. This application will pull real-time data that shows you exactly how much energy you’re saving at any given time.The main concern for any customer is that using a Mistbox won’t have negative effects on their existing AC unit. Mistbox have hired water treatment experts to ensure the mist won’t harm your unit. The method used by the Mistbox not only won’t harm your AC but will actively defend it using a patent pending technology that prevents bacteria growth.

The Mistbox team is comprised of a small group of green warriors who wanted to reduce carbon emissions without making you pay extra for it. They designed the Mistbox to lower cooling costs whilst being compatible with existing AC. Furthermore, using a Mistbox comes at no extra effort, all you have to do is install the unit and start making savings. For those on a limited budget, Mistbox is available on subscription. The subscription guarantees the product and includes any maintenance free of charge. Going green has never been so easy.


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