Napa Valley’s Top Five Restaurants for Post Winery Relaxation

Napa Valley in California is well known for its vineyards. Many people travel to the area specifically to visit these. One of the main features of a trip to Napa Valley often includes a wine tasting experience at one of the local wineries. This can certainly build the appetite and increase the desire to relax. Fortunately, Napa Valley is home to many outstanding restaurants that provide the perfect solution to both these problems. Venues range from casual establishments to fine dining restaurants and there are examples of cuisine from across the globe. Here are five of the top Napa Valley restaurants for post winery relaxation.

1. Bistro Don Giovanni

This Italian bistro is the ideal setting for post winery relaxation. Located on Howard Lane, this restaurant boasts outside seating by a fountain or seating indoors by the fireside that means you can choose the best seating option depending on the weather conditions. The menu consists of predominantly Italian cuisine and includes an excellent range of pastas, salads, meat dishes and seafood. There are also small plates for younger diners or those who do not have a large appetite. The customer service at Bistro Don Giovanni is one of its strong points as the staff are extremely welcoming and helpful. Food is served until late at night, so you can enjoy a meal there even if you leave the winery late.

2. Accacia House by Chris Cosentino

Accacia House by Chris Corsentino is an elegant Californian bistro that serves seasonal dishes and local wines. The chef prides himself on creating dishes that promote sustainability and this certainly doesn’t take anything away from the flavour or presentation of the food. Although the food is of fine dining standard, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. It is also a fantastic option if you want to taste more of the local wines after our visit to a winery. If you have had enough wine for the day, there is also a great selection of cocktails to try. This restaurant is one of the more upscale options in the area but is still relaxed enough that it is not pretentious.

3. The Runway by Patrick

As its name suggests, this restaurant is located on Airport Road. Although it has an elegant style, it also has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for relaxation. The food is best described as hearty comfort food that is presented in a modern way. There are many delicious options to choose between, including specials and smaller plates. Just some of the options you can expect to find on the menu are tasty classics, including mac n’ cheese, ribs, steaks, spaghetti and meatballs, pasta dishes, and homemade burgers. Both the food and the customer service of this establishment have received great reviews.

4. Bar Terra

This outstanding eatery on Railroad Avenue serves small plates of Asian-American fusion food. This is the perfect choice if you want a lighter meal following a day of wine tasting or if your preference is for Asian flavours. Although many of the dishes on the menu are Asian inspired, there are also options for those who prefer standard American fare. Following your meal, you can kick back and relax with a cocktail in the stone-walled lounge. Both the standard of the food and the level of customer service have been praised by former diners.

5. Zuzu

Tapas is the perfect food to end a day at a winery. This cosy restaurant is located on Main Street and overlooks the river. This means you can enjoy the views while eating your meal. The restaurant is split over two levels and has a welcoming atmosphere. A good sign of the standard of the food at this restaurant is that both locals and tourists choose Zuzu as their dining option. This Spanish restaurant also has an open kitchen, so diners can see each meal being freshly prepared. The menu includes a diverse range of small plates and tapas with option available for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. The meals are reasonably priced and the service is excellent. There is no rush to leave once you have finished your meal as you can relax at the bar and sample local wines or cocktails.

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