The All New Lamborghini Aventador S

We’re going to see some changes in the new Lamborghini Aventador S for 2017. These will be noticed in the appearance and performance of the redisigned jewel that is making its appearance for the world to admire and a few new owners who will be pleased with the changes. Let’s take a closer look at what Lamborghini is about to deliver.

The Aventador S for 2017 will reveal its new and redeveloped suspension in addition to an eye catching sleek body design with improved aerodynamics for cutting through the air with less drag and even greater speed. We’re on the verge of seeing the next generation of Aventador with enhancements in technology and performance which have been on the drawing table since the production of its predecessor. This model brings the vision of the design engineers to life with a harmonious balance of cutting edge technology and new dynamics that any sports car fan can wrap their minds around with ease. A sheer driving pleasure awaits with this highly anticipated model that will no doubt surpass the expectations of the fandom.


Balance is an important factor to the design team. Each addition and deletion of the exterior design has been made with foresight and careful planning to maintain the high impact aesthetic quality of the vehicle. The Aventador Superveloce Roadster maintains its lightness through the use of CFRP, sort for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer construction along with the introduction of other new materials that have further reduced the weight to fifty kilograms under the previous edition. This is no small feat, but Lamborghini has accomplished the task with brilliance. The eye catching lines offer a sporty elegance from the carbon fiber rear spoiler to the vents and bumpers, also designed to lighten its load yet remain aesthetically pleasing.

Interior design

Would you really want them to use soundproofing in this sporty coupe that is designed to offer the essence of speed and seduction? This is a feature that is not present and many would agree that its addition would lessen the total driving experience. Neither did the engineers find the need ro desire to install an onboard navigation system because it wasn’t fit for the theme of this lovely road eating warrior. The passenger compartment features Alcantara and leather upholstery for the utmost in luxury and elegance that you would expect from a Lamborghini. The configuration keeps driver and passenger in tune with the road and what’s happening as a part of the total experience package. It is intended for those who appreciate the feeling of sportiness and a connection with the racing ambiance of the vehicle.


In lieu of a nav system, you do get a high tech control panel so you can visually monitor under the theme of racing graphics while hearing the roar of the 750 CV while having the sense of open air above your head, to the left and to the right. The engine features an impressive weight reduction with a redesigned short stroke V 12 that is naturally aspirated for the sportiest experience possible. The max power is 750 CV at 8400 rpm with a max torque of 690 Nm or 507 pound feet at 5500 rpm. The type V12 is at sixty degrees with multi point injection and a displacement of 396.5 cubic inches with Bore X Stroke 3.74 x 3.01 inches and a compression ratio of 11,8:1. Dry sump lubrication and Euro 6: level 2 emission control that is fully compliant.

Steering and suspension

Dynamic steering system patented by Lamborghini delivers an adaptable steering wheel that is highly responsive to force of operation and steering ratio for unrivaled maneuverability whether at low or medium speed with enhanced stability when you’re traveling at higher speeds as an additional safety feature. The active suspension system is something new that includes both rear and front push rod shock absorbers. This adds to the responsiveness of the vehicle guaranteeing enhanced control and vehicle reaction to compensate for body movements and increased reliability of handling and performance.

Aerodynamic enhancements

The Aventador S has been tweaked to qualify as the next generation of its kind. modification of components in the exterior design decrease air drag without upsetting the delicate aesthetic balance of the vehicle while adding a harmonious melding of outer beauty and high performing functionality for cutting through the atmosphere at any speed as a next generation super sports car should. It makes no apology for its predecessor as the 2017 edition is a leap that is taken from the foundation of its previous edition, which in its own right is a legend in its own time. Aerodynamic efficiency has been maximized in the new version while carefully integrating the features that are requisite for maintaining its aesthetic integrity.

Braking system and tires

Steering enhancement has been achieved through the application of Pirelli P Zero tires which maximize traction and the efficiency of the braking system. Highly responsive and in tune with the other components of the vehicle, the tires are customized to perfectly complement the performance outlay of the new Aventador S. The reduction of understeer characteristics is a definite benefit when performance is on the line. The braking system is constructed of carbon ceramic discs featuring perforation and ventilation for improved braking performance at all speeds.

Driving Modes

The Aventador S features a variety of driving modes (EGO concept) which are customizable. These being STRADA, CORSA, SPORT and EGO. Ego mode deals with the elements that affect traction including four wheel drive, the gearbox and the engine as well as the suspension and steering systems. The STRADA mode is used when the ultimate in ride comfort is desired. The SPORT mode offers a rear wheel drive for times when you want to get your sport on and when you’re after the ultimate in track performance, the best selection is CORSA.


How does an acceleration that takes you from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 2.9 seconds sound? the top speed of the 2017 Aventador S is a whopping three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. Enjoy seven speed shifting for an even sportier feeling at your fingertips.

Just a little more to add

In the cockpit you’ll find the height of refinement and the perfect joining of function and form. The TFT digital dashboard is cutomizable to suit the preferences and tastes of the driver. Kombi screens are used for the display of driving modes. The EGO button gives you even more options for activation of digital screens that pop up on demand for selection of setting preferences. You can also use the Lamborghini telemetry system for monitoring track performance or stats while driving on the road. AppleCarPlay is activated by voice for entertainment and communication when using Apple devices.

The Spring of 2017 is when the first Lamborghini Aventador S 2017 models are slated for delivery. The recommended retail price will begin at $421,350.00

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