POMO Waffle: The First Fashionable GPS Smart Watch for Kids

If you are a parent and are looking for another way of helping your child learn, here is the latest technology device that is giving kids a way to learn multiple types of lessons in an easy-to-understand and use tool; it is the new POMO Waffle Smartwatch. If you’ve already been considering purchasing a smartwatch for your child then you will want to hear about this one. The POMO Waffle has so many features that your child will love using it for fun and learning, and you will feel completely confident in the fact that it offers several safety features that both you and your child can benefit from.


The POMO Waffle watch was designed with a concave face and a soft, stretchy silicon material that is extremely comfortable for kids to wear. Thoughtful planning was given to the watch’s design to give it extreme comfort on your child’s wrist while also protecting them. This means you can rest easy knowing your child cannot be scratched or harmed in anyway by the watch with its uniquely designed concave face, even if they were to fall or have another incident that otherwise might cause watch to injure your child. There are no sharp edges or corners that will harm your child.

You and your child can choose from several colors to suit your child’s likes. The typical colors include pink, blue and white. They can also have fun being creative with the look of their watch. Every morning when they wake up and get ready for their day, your child can customize their watch band to match their clothes as well as the face of their watch. This gives your child the freedom to express themselves and learn how to color coordinate.


The Kids Smart Watch has many features that are beneficial to both kids and parents. Parents today have more worry about the safety of their children when they go out to play or are out of their site for different reasons. They want to make sure they are safe at all times and now, with the POMO Smart Watch, parents can be with their kids by way of technology, even if they can’t in person.

The watch is set up with VOIP so that you can have two-way conversations with your child from your Smartphone to your child’s watch so that you can be in constant communication with him while he is out at play or out of your site. They can also communicate between watches with their BFF feature. Friends just shake the watches together and they can begin sharing voice messages and calls together.

The GPS tracking system on this watch allows you to keep track of where your kids are at all times. Parents use their Smartphone to keep track of their child’s location in real time and can locate them anywhere in the world. The tracking system will also allow kids to use the home Go Home feature to help lead them home if they should get confused of where they are. Your child will simply hit the Go Home feature for easy-to-follow directions to pop-up and lead them home. If they need to talk to you on their way for any reason, all they have to do is call you from their watch. There aren’t any charges associated with the call so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your package plan.

Another feature related to calls is the SOS button. Your child may need to reach someone for help at some point while he is out playing, whether he’s in a bind or injured and needs to get hold of someone, all he needs to do is press the SOS button and the watch knows to call the primary person listed on his watch. If no one answers, the watch automatically calls the next person listed and will keep trying the numbers until someone answers.

Set up a safe zone for your child on his watch to designate where he is allowed to go. If your child goes outside the safe zone the watch will alert you so that you are aware. When this happens, all you have to do is call the watch to find out what has happened and remind them to return back to their designated safe area.

Similar to the notification you get if your child leaves his safety zone, you will be notified if your child takes off his watch for any reason as well as a notification for the watch battery getting low or your child has turned the watch off. You will always know what is going on with your child’s watch.

Other great features

The watch has many features everyone will love. Other features include a voice messaging and emoticon sticker, an exercise tracker, a group chat and their journal history they can keep, as well as this is a great tool to help teach your kids to tell time which will help to teach them organizational skills and responsibility. Your child will be able to set alarms to let him know its time to work on his homework, time for bed, chores or anything else your child needs help to remember. These reminders will help him to be on time, stay focused and get a sense of accomplishment when he has remembered his tasks and accomplished them on time.


  • Measures – 13.5 x 8 x 10 inches
  • Weight – 1.1 Pounds
  • Display – 0.66 inches OLED
  • CPU – The watch was designed with MTK 360 MHZ single core
  • Sim Socket – Designed with a Micro Sim Socket
  • Locating Tech – GPS/A-GPS/Bluetooth 3.0
  • Battery – 400mAh, Poly-Li Battery
  • Functions – Set up with 5 function key sensor support – Pedometer and Motion Unit
  • Memory – 32Mb ROM and 32Mb RAM
  • Material – Eco-friendly material

Bottom line

Give your child the gift that he will enjoy using as much as you will enjoy the features that help you keep an eye on your child when you can’t always be there. Knowing you have a way to stay in contact with your child and know where he is at all times will give you peace of mind, as well as for your child.

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