The Seven How’s to Accumulate Wealth

The key is YOUYour Own Uniqueness harnessing the power of ABCAwareness, Balance & Conditioning for CHANGECreating Habits Around New Growth Everyday. You can shape and bake your PIE Personal Income Everyday delicious enough to deliver daily abundance with ability, integrity and ingenuity. Let’s rule with our focus on GROWTHGenerating Real Output With True Habits. This year is another opportunity to EARN Establish A Return Now. Your operating earnings depends on you improving your personal economy by betting on yourself. You must pay the PRICEPersonal Risk Increasing Consistent Earnings.

Remove the complications with one word – HOW! Stake your claim in YOUYour Own Understanding of ABC:

  • [(A)CT] – Actively Create Today
  • [(B)E] – Believe Everyday
  • [(C)ARE – Create A Reason Everyday.

Take your AIMActively Increasing Momentum…and, DARE Develop Awesome Results Everyday

Understand the value of TIMEThe Invisible Measuring Everything.

Two things count: RESULTSRealizing Every Step Ultimately Leads To Success and ACTIONActively Creating To Improve Options Now.

Focus on four things that last:

  • LOVELink Offering Value Everyday
  • HOPEHarnessing Optimistic Power Everyday
  • PEACEProducing Energy And Courage Everyday
  • JOYJustice Offering Yields.

Become the bull and tame the market with a deeper understanding of yourself – what you want and how you are going to get it. You can make a measurable difference.

Look UPUnleash Power! For personal GAINGenerating Active Income Now. This “gain” will allow you to control your destiny. It may seem difficult but, over time you will SEE – Sure Evidence Everyday. This takes FAITH Forging Ahead Into The Haze with STEPSStrategies To Enhance Personal Success.

STRETCHSeek To Responsibly Extend Creative Habits for success. STANDStart To Activate New Developments and RUNReach Up Now.

When you do this, you are more likely to achieve big things as a BULLBoldly Unleashing Long-term Leverage, charging ahead to lift and soar.

Will there be a storm or two in the future? Yes! But you will be prepared to stay on course regardless of what happens.

In traditional champion style, a winner begins at the ENDEnvisioning New Developments, surveying the field for opportunity everyday.

With this routine objective, you can expect a healthy increase in your personal economy when you ACTActivate Critical Thinking to see potential value in the market.

Champions win because they PLAYProducing Long-term Active Yields with WOWWill*Objectivity*Wisdom.

Note, your personal economy is linked to the real economy and your economic expansion depends on PLUCK – Placing Logic Under Critical Knowledge with professional application to create action and results. Therefore – THINK – The Head Infinitely Needs Knowledge and The Heart Infinitely Needs Kindness.

Your daily job is to RISERevitalizing Inner Spirit Everyday and SHINEShaping Habit Into New Energy to sustain success.

Remember to GRINDGrowing Real Inner Nature Daily to overcome financial or economic shock or a geopolitical disaster.

Believe in smart WORKWill Offers Real Knowledge for long time growth.

Your steps should take aim at SAFETYSecuring Active Financial Excellence Through Yields. Focus on your TOOLSTechniques Offering Outcomes Leveraging Success.

Think of this “leverage” as a DANCEDeveloping A New Creative Energy with your own MUSICMarvelously Unleashing Sound Into Choreography – in essence – movement through PRACTICEProducing Real Action Consciously To Increase Cash Everyday.

The act of moving is a survival SKILL – other words – Specialized Knowledge Improving Life Logically.

The true art is FOCUSForming Optimal Concentration Unleashing Success. With this mindfulness – meditation if you will – comes an inner CODECreating Order Dynamically Everyday deep down in your CORECenter Of Real Existence.

The power of such insight leads to flexible CONTROLSCreating Open Navigation To Rule Over Lasting Success.

Your routine objective allows you to RULE – Rapidly Unleash Leadership Everyday…to REFORMRising Everyday Fueling Objectivity Running Momentum

With this understanding, you are making a SHIFT

Selecting Habits Improving Finances Today.

This consistent effort for the brass ring is an integral step towards your GOALGo Out And Live.

Now, how do you keep your pledge on sustaining success? With 7 How’s For Wealth:

  1. Health Offers Wealth
  2. Habits Offers Wealth
  3. Hope Offers Wealth
  4. Harmony Offers Wealth
  5. Handiness Offers Wealth
  6. Happiness Offers Wealth
  7. Harvest Offers Wealth

Now, rule!

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