Spring Travel Gifts to Give this Year

Spring Travel Gifts to Give

If you’re looking for a gift this spring for the traveler in your family, there are a lot of fun new products out there. From chic laptop bags to stylish baselayers and even a backpack that doubles as a travel washing machine, these are the gifts I’m giving to the adventurous spirits in my inner circle this spring.

1. Scrubba Stealth Pack

This is a great graduation gift especially if your grad is about to embark on a global backpacking adventure. The Scrubba is a weatherproof travel backpack by an Australian company that doubles as a washing machine and beach shower. Yep, you heard that right. The bag has a flexible inner washboard so to clean your dirty clothes simply remove your other gear, add water and detergent and close the pack. You’ll then take out air using a built in valve and rub the clothes against the washboard for around 3 minutes. Take them out, rinse and let them dry. They aren’t perfect, but they come out clean! The Scrubba also has a feature that lets it function as a camp or beach shower. To use, simply fill with water and hang upside down by the shoulder straps that clip on and off for this. Then twist the valve and release a 4-stream shower. As far as wacky functional travel gifts go, it’s my pick of the batch.

2. STM Goods: Laptop Accessories

While we’re on the topic of cool bags and Australia, the country/continent is winning in favorites this season. I’m also loving the stylish and colorful Grace Pack from a different Australian company, STM Goods, to protect and carry my laptop this spring. It features a shock isolated suspension system to keep my computer from getting banged around and also has loads of pockets for organization and a cool cable routing system that lets me connect multiple devices in the pack itself. STM makes a number of cool laptop travel accessories, including the ultra slick Grace Deluxe, which is part laptop sleeve, part shoulder bag that I am absolutely loving when I just need to carry my computer and a few essentials to go work at the coffee shop. Finally, check out the Knit Glove Laptop Sleeve if you just need a functional but still stylish sleeve.

3. Olukai: Shoes

For a classy embossed leather sneaker for guys, I’m loving the Manoa Leather in toffee. The shoe features a lightweight, compression molded midsole and the company’s patented Drop-In Heel that creates both a shoe and slide functionality. Another fun shoe for men this season is the Ohana Ili, which is a stylish leather flip-flop style sandal that can go from beach to street without pause. For women, the  Pehuea Pa’i is a fun and comfortable slip-on sneaker with a Polynesian inspired artwork design. While the Ola is a stylish and versatile wedge flip-flop sandal that offers just the right amount of height and like the men’s counterpart it can also easily transition from sand to restaurant.


4. Ridge Merino: Baselayers

Give your girlfriend something warm to snuggle into this spring when the new Women’s Ridge Merino Natural Hoodie that is the perfect comfy long-sleeve, pullover sweatshirt that is enhanced by a silky soft wool blend. This sweatshirt can be worn solo or as a base layer (it’s not bulky). Just be warned, once you put it on you may never take it off! For guys, my pick is the Heist Ridge Merino Wool Mid-Layer that features a low-profile hood, just the right amount of insulation, natural breathability and odor control. It can be worn on its own or under a shell for warmth and comes in three sizes.

5. RYU: Workout Gear

This company, that’s acronym stands for “Respect Your Universe,” makes my favorite hoodie of the season for guys. The modern minimal Ethos Pullover Hoodie is ultra lightweight, breathable and has a lean design that means fewer seams, bulk, and stitching. Pair it with the RYU’s Training Short for men. These are designed to move with you and have no waistband strings to get in the way as well as a tough nylon fiber twill that stands up to demanding daily workouts. This company also makes a number of fun women’s styles including the Ethos Long Layer and an Everyday Short that is quick drying, lightweight and made from a four-way stretch woven outer shell. It also has an internal liner that lets you go commando without fear.

6. Independent Goods: Unique Gifts

For something different for her, be it jewelry or a vintage-inspired bag, Independent Goods out of Sun Valley, Idaho sells some unique limited run gifts that each come with the story of their creator as well. The Long and Lovely Necklace is one such product. Created by Jamison Rae Jewelry, it features thirteen hand cut and hammered discs that are evenly spaced throughout the necklace which is designed to be worn long or doubled up. Another favorite is the 1950s Duck Hunting Dopp Travel Kit, which is made with US sourced vintage cotton canvas fabric with taped seams.

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