Stagg EKG: The Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers

Who says electric kettles have to be boring–not when Fellow has designed the perfect electric pour-over kettle that combines powerful functionality with a minimalist design. Modern kitchen decor is all the rage, and this small, yet powerful kettle is delighting both experienced home baristas as well as people who just want to make a perfect cup of coffee, each and every time. Imagine a coffee maker that is so wired that you can start it up from the next room, as its got Bluetooth! With the Stag EKG+ at home, there’s never a wait for that first lucious cup of morning coffee. The company that makes this new product is Fellow, an up and coming brand of home barista appliances and accessories.

Fellow, a San Francisco-based company was started by self-professed “nerds in love with coffee”. Their story began on Kickstarter in 2015 with their first product, The Duo Coffee Steeper. This revolutionary gadget provides all the flavor of coffee made by a French Press without the bothersome bottom sludge.For customers to get the most from the devices, the company website features “how to” videos on using the Duo Coffee Steeper, including how to use the appliance to make an extraordinarily good cup of iced coffee, easily. This machine, and the Fellow company, with its simple, yet elegant bow tie logo, had the coffee world talking about what this indie startup would do next.

Fellow products received rave reviews on websites such as Eater and Seattle Coffee Gear. It’s hailed as the newest twist on the French Press, and coffee lovers and investors are paying attention to what’s new from Fellow. Many companies who start on a crowdfunding site have faded into obscurity; however, Fellows seems to be using Kickstarter to market a product that is in tune with today’s busy lifestyle. No longer just an eye opener in the morning, coffee has gone from supermarket staple to gourmet selection. With all the types of coffee available, it makes sense that the coffee makers keep up with progress by offering innovative ways to brew it.

The Stagg EKG, Fellow’s new electric pour over kettle is a variation of their popular stove top model. Instead of the traditional electric coffee maker, some that come with more visible controls than a space shuttle, the Fellow Electric Pour Over Kettle has the controls discreetly tucked away with a side slide for perfect temperature control and “hold” button in the back. The hold button keeps the coffee at just the right temperature for up to 30 minutes. For those who are not always ready to pour the second the kettle is done, this is a big step to coffee nirvana. The handle is also uniquely designed to perfectly fit your grip and an elegant fluted pour spout. Another great feature is that the temperature controls can register in Fahrenheit or Celcius, according to choice. The prototype model is matte black, which is perfect for lovers of sleek, modern, efficient design. It takes up little counter space, which is a plus for today’s urban dwellers who embrace a minimalistic lifestyle. The Fellow EKG and EKG+ make an excellent trendy conversation piece as it is as close to artwork that a kettle can get.

What really has people talking is the Fellow EKG+, which has ACAIA Bluetooth connectivity. This is great for coffee lovers who want to start the brewing process when they first wake up or even start their morning coffee from the shower. This is quite a convenience for who set up the kettle and walk away to finish their morning routine, without flipping the “on” switch.

The Stagg EKG, and the Stagg EKG+ Pour-Over Kettle models are currently the focus of a new Kickstarter campaign. It’s an “all or nothing” campaign, meaning that they will only introduce the product for sale if they reach their funding goal by February 12, 2017. The goal is currently set at $100,000 and according to the latest stats on the site, they have raised $346, 290. In their video, Jake, one of the founders, says that if they can’t meet their deadline of a 2017 release, each coffeemaker will come with a free watermelon slicer. He ends the promotional video by dunking a slice of fruit into his coffee mug. The company is serious about coffee making but have a sense of whimsy about themselves and appeal to a modern generation of coffee connoisseurs. Their pitch and their product are definitely appealing, as they have received support from 2, 321 patrons.

For those new to home coffee brewing, the company site has a blog filled with entertaining, yet useful information about enjoying caffeinated beverages. For anyone in doubt about the perfect ratio of coffee/water to make a fabulous cup of coffee, the answer is there, courtesy of coffee experts who know all about blends, beans, and brewing. There is even advice on how to properly process those wonderful toasted beans that have gone stale.

If tea, not coffee, is your beverage of choice, Fellow makes the Raven Stovetop Kettle and All in One Steeper. Tea lovers can also make good use of the Duo Coffee steeper, which has an add-on tea filter that can be purchased separately. There are directions to make a perfect Japanese style iced tea. The secret is a very fine mesh filter, that lets in all of the flavor, while greatly reducing sediment.

Designers and marketers of coffee makers like Fellow are tapping into a market of coffee affectionatos who would rather invest in equipment to make “home brew” rather than stand in line at the local Starbucks. A pour over kettle like the EKG can turn out a perfectly blended cup of coffee to anyone’s taste.

The question is how well it will sell once it hits the coffee lover’s market? Will the Stagg EKG and EKG+come in colors other than matte black, for those who envision it matching their brightly colored cookware?


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